Monday, March 3, 2008

Bargain Books

Yesterday I was trying to kill some time so I ran into the Dollar Tree. I don't know about you, but I always go in needing nothing and come out with a few things (sometimes like $20 worth.) I have had some luck in their book section in the past -- mainly for my kids, but sometimes for me too. It's always hit or miss there, but I couldn't believe how many hardcover books they had. I wanted to pick up a few, but I did manage to show some restraint! It's hard to justify buying more books (even when they are $1) when I have hundreds of unread ones at home.

I did come home with SLOW DOLLAR by Margaret Maron. It's the ninth book in her Deborah Knott series. Last fall, my book club was fortunate enough to have the award winning author join us via telephone to discuss her latest mystery (#13) in the series, HARD ROW. I had read BOOTLEGGER'S DAUGHTER (the first in the series) years ago and really enjoyed the book, so I was thrilled to read another one in the series and get to talk about it with the author. My entire book club enjoyed HARD ROW, but the reading experience was definitely enhanced when we talked to Ms. Maron about how she came up with the ideas for this book.

One book that I didn't pick up (but I'm now kicking myself) is Kate Atkinson's short story collection NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I'm not a big short story reader so I passed on it; however, I did love her book CASE HISTORIES. They also had HOOKING UP by Tom Wolfe and MY PRISON WITHOUT BARS by Pete Rose to name just a few.

Let me know if you have found any good books at Dollar Trees (or other discount stores). I might find myself checking another Dollar Tree this week to see what they have in stock. While I do love reading a good book, I also love getting good bargains!!!


Amy said...

I love what you say about going in for a few things and coming out with 20 dollars worth, isn't it the truth? :)

Thanks for the recommendations, I haven't really heard of those, but now they will be added to the staggering books I want list. :)

I don't think I've ever found anything at the Dollar Tree, but I did find some books at my grocery recently. You know how sometimes Walgreens or CVS has books? Well my grocery store and CVS will mark them WAY down at times and I was able to get a few that looked interesting for about 75 cents. That's a risk worth taking! I love a good bargain, too. (you have me wanting to go check out the dollar tree tonight!)

Megan said...

That's it, I am hitting the dollar store tomorrow. I need cat food anyway, and I will admit it I am cheap. So far there I have gotten Eating My Words. Playing with Word which is by the same author as Dirty Girls' Social Club. I also got a Gore Vidal book. But man I would love to get that Tom Wolfe book and the short story collection. I am trying to think of the last time I was at the dollar store and if it was before or after you posted this. I'll keep you posted!

Megan said...

Alas, bad news. No good new books at the dollar store. Had to settle for 40+ used books at thrift store.