Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Won Again!

This definitely goes on record as one of my luckiest weeks, as far as winning books in concerned. I found out first thing this morning that I won a copy of THE MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON from Girls Just Reading. Please check out their blog -- I just love it! They have lots and lots of summaries and reviews on good books. It's a great place to get ideas for future reads or even possible bookclub selections. As I mentioned here yesterday, I have been anxiously awaiting THE MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON'S release on February 5th. It looks like a book that I'm sure to love. After checking out the reading guide, I'm sure it would also make for a great bookclub discussion.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Girls Just Reading Contest

Fortunately for me, I can across a great blog today Girls Just Reading. I count myself "lucky" for two reasons: 1) I love the blog and all the reviews, and 2) they are having a contest today (and I LOVE contests for free books). If you visit their site and leave a comment before the end of today, you will be entered to win a copy of THE MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON. This book is definitely on my short-list of books to read! Good luck to all of you!

Random House Reader's Circle

One of my absolute favorite websites is Random House Reader's Circle. I love getting new reading ideas from the books they feature, and my bookclub has actually read quite a few of their books. You can "Join the Circle" where you register your bookclub and receive a free copy of their Book Club Companion in the mail. Occasionally, you might even receive free books or Advance Reader Copies (if you're lucky). While you're there, you should also sign up for their monthly newsletter which provides terrific suggestions for bookclubs. Check out the Reading Our Readers section at the bottom of January's newsletter, and you will see a comment by me! Of course all of the books featured have reading guides which are also available on this site, and many of the books' authors are available for author chats. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My new friend Lisa from Books on the Brain has just tagged me with five questions for a Travel Reading Meme. She is heading to Vegas in a few days (I'm so jealous) and wants some ideas for good reads on trips. Unfortunately for me, my husband and I never go anywhere besides a few days a year at the Jersey Shore and occasional day trips to my parents' and grandparents' homes. I thought this was a fun exercise, and I enjoyed thinking about her questions. I can't wait to check back on her site and see what everyone else said!

1. What book are you reading right now? Do you like it?

I am reading The Tortilla Curtain by TC Boyle because it is the selection for my February bookclub. Having said that, I did read it a few years ago and I wasn't blown away by it. I am about halfway through it this time; and while I wouldn't say that I love it, I definitely have a better appreciation of what the author is trying to do with the book. I do think it will make a great discussion book at next month's bookclub!

2. What was the last book you read on a plane?

This is a really hard one for me since I can't even remember the last time I flew anywhere. I think it was a trip to Disneyworld about four and a half years ago. Since I was flying with my husband and four year old daughter, I don't think I actually got any reading done on the plane. Prior to that, I went to New Orleans about six years ago (I know -- pretty sad)! I remember reading Lisa Jewell's Thirty Nothing (obviously a very light read) during that trip.

3. What was the last book you read on a roadtrip?

I think I can answer this one a little better. Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Ocean City, NJ, and I read Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reich. I also read Roots (our September bookclub selection -- not something I would usually read at the beach) by Alex Haley, and The Last Summer of You and Me by Ann Brashares

4. What is the most unusual place you found yourself reading?

I'm probably pretty boring on this one too. Although I always have a book with me, I guess I'd have to say in the bleachers during a Major League playoff game. I have to add that I do love baseball, but I was reading a really good book!

5. What books would you take to keep you occupied on a 2 week vacation to the beach?

Wow - a two week vacation! Is that with or without kids? I would probably take some books that I could "get lost" in like Anna Karenina, Sense and Sensibility, and maybe some of my new "winnings" that I mentioned in earlier posts.

My Favorite New Cookbook

I admit that I have an obsession with all types of books, but I especially love leafing through cookbooks. I definitely don't do gourmet (that's up to my husband), but I do want to feed my family somewhat healthy dinners. That's why I'm so excited that my sister-in-law recommended The Six O'Clock Scramble: Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Dinner Recipes for Busy Families by Aviva Goldfarb. What mom is not totally busy around dinnertime with kids getting home from school, homework, and evening activites? This book has such healthy, simple recipes that I've been cooking almost every night during January (think: New Year's Resolution to cook more). The cookbook is divided into 52 weeks of recipes according to seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer; and the author tailors the meals for what's in season. I've just begun trying recipes from this book, but so far I've had some pretty good results. Some of our favorites include Salmon in a Foil Packet, Light Cheese Tortellini with Broccoli, and Ginger Chicken. One of my favorite things about this cookbook is that the recipes use mainly fresh (healthy) ingredients that even my 3 year old with severe food allergies can eat. In addition to the cookbook, Ms. Goldfarb also has a website where you can learn more about the cookbook and get a paid subscription to her weekly newsletter.

Monday, January 28, 2008

B&N First Look Book Club

This afternoon Barnes and Noble announced their March selection for the First Look Book Club. It will be THE SISTER by Poppy Adams. The First Look Book Club is a great opportunity to receive an Advanced Reader Copy, absolutely free of charge, months before the book is published. Enrollment began today and space is limited, so visit the website and register soon if you are interested. THE SISTER, which will be released in June 2008, is the story of two sisters who are brought together for a weekend after a decades long estrangement. I was fortunate enough to participate in the last First Look Book Club - THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON - and had a wonderful time "discussing" the book with so many people. I am still waiting for final notification that I will be a participant, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed. If THE SISTER is half as good as THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON, it will be a great read!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Won Another Contest

I don't know what's going on, but I like it! I just found out that I won another free book from a contest on Author Buzz. This time, it's JEZEBEL by Lesley Hazleton. This book is a biography about the rise and fall of Jezebel, the ancient queen of Israel who had a reputation for being a harlot. Ms. Hazleton takes a different approach to the traditional bible version of the story (that Jezebel was framed), so it should provide for a great discussion. I'm thinking that this book might be a terrific book club pick, especially if you're looking for a change from fiction. Just in case you're interested, I have provided a link for the reading guide.

I Won a Free Book!

There are few things in life that I like more than "winning" free books. Yesterday, my latest win came in the mail -- ONCE IN A PROMISED LAND by Laila Halaby. I entered the contest a few weeks ago on Author Buzz. I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from Ms. Halaby telling me that I had won an autographed copy of her book. I had seen this book show up on a few of my favorite book club websites, and I actually had it written down as a book I wanted to read! This books looks wonderful -- it is the story of two Arab Americans as they face the after-effects of 9/11. Ms. Halaby's book has been honored with numerous awards including: a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection, a Book Sense Notable Title, and a Washington Post 100 Best Fiction Books of 2007. Of course, there is also a reading guide available if you want to choose it for your book club discussion. I am looking forward to reading it in the near future, and I'll let you know what I think.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tips for Conducting an Author Chat

If you are like me, I was a little intimidated about the idea of talking to an author. I read the book twice and worked on questions for hours. The thought of talking to an actual "celebrity" had me pretty anxious, but the author (Lori Lansens who wrote THE GIRLS) was extremely gracious and very interesting. The minute my book club hung up the phone, we were so excited that we immediately wanted to schedule more chats. We are now averaging about one a month. Now that I have a few under my belt I feel more confident, but I still admit that I get very anxious a few minutes before we start!

I came across this post Book Club Tips for Author Chats on a great blog (Books on the Brain). This is almost exactly the steps that my book club has been following, and I think we've had a lot of success. I can't recommend enough how much these author chats have enhanced our book club experience. We always feel that we get terrific insights into the authors and what they were thinking when they wrote these books.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Celestial Seasonings Book Club

I recently stumbled across Celestial Seasonings Book Club - An Adventure at Every Turn when I was surfing on the web. I was thrilled to find this site since it combines two of my favorite things - books and teas! Their latest pick is THE END OF THE ALPHABET by CS Richardson. The site includes tea suggestions, decorating ideas, music selections and other activities to enhance your book club experience. You can sign up on the website to join the book club -- all you need is two UPS codes from Celestial Seasonings tea boxes. You will receive free shipping on featured books, downloadable discussion guides and e-mail invites. I signed up a few weeks ago and a gorgeous pillow box of goodies came in the mail on Tuesday filled with a welcome letter, some bags of tea, and recipe cards with bookmarks to share with my book club.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Author Chats

Nefertiti - Michelle Moran

Piece of Work - Laura Zigman
Family Tree - Barbara Delinsky
Matrimony - Joshua Henkin
The Reincarnationist - M.J. Rose
Fifteen Minutes of Shame - Lisa Daily
Sweet Love - Sarah Strohmeyer
Whistling in the Dark - Lesley Kagan

The Girls - Lori Lansens
The Hindi-Bindi Club - Monica Pradhan
Hard Row - Margaret Maron
One Mississippi - Mark Childress
Loving Frank - Nancy Horan

Here we go!

I love books and I thought a blog would be a great way to "talk about" books with other book enthusiasts. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get started! I'm looking forward to making new friends.

My author chat book club met on Tuesday night (we don't have an official name -- I should really get started on that). We were so fortunate to have the chance to talk with Laura Zigman, author of PIECE OF WORK. I definitely related to many parts of the book, especially going back to work with a little one. Ms. Zigman is an extremely funny woman and it's reflected in her books. I read ANIMAL HUSBANDRY and DATING BIG BIRD a few years ago, but after "meeting" her, I want to read HER too!

Mother Daughter Book Club

Sarah, Plain and Tall
Anne Frank, Life in Hiding
Pippi Longstocking
Meet Kit
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Bed-Knob and Broomstick
The Tiger Rising
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
The Doll People
The Lightning Thief
Nancy Drew 22: The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
The Tail of Emily Windsnap
Each Little Bird That Sings
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Moving Day
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
The Witches
The Penderwicks
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Al Capone Does My Shirts
The Name of this Book is Secret
When You Reach Me
Our Only May Amelia
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles
The Mother-Daughter Book Club
The Naked Mole-Rat Letters 
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
Chasing Vermeer
The Postcard 
I Could Tell I Love You But I'd Have to Kill You
The Nick of Time
The Allegra Biscotti Collection 
Criss Cross
The Candymakers
Elephant Run
My Life in Pink and Green
A Mango-Shaped Space
The Clique
After Ever After
The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet 
Deep and Dark and Dangerous
The Year the Swallows Came Early 
Out of My Mind
Twice Upon a Time #1: Rapunzel, The One With All the Hair
Oh. My. Gods.
Viola in Reel Life
Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
The Apothecary
Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece
Far Far Away

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