Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: Catch of a Lifetime

Summary: Mermaid Angel Tritone escapes a shark by jumping into single dad Logan Hardington's fishing boat. All his young son Michael wants for his birthday is a mermaid, and if his dad will only play his cards right, now he'll have one…

Angel wants to give Michael his most beloved birthday gift (a real live mermaid) while also getting to know his father and getting him to help her in her mission to stop humans from destroying the oceans. Logan has never met a woman who cared as much about the same things he does, and she's never met a man who understood her deepest commitment to humanity and nature. When an enemy of conservation shows up and tries to kill Angel, Logan has to choose between continuing the life he's known, or following the woman he loves to the bottom of the ocean… -- Sourcebooks

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you are probably a little surprised to see that I'm reviewing another paranormal romance book --
CATCH OF A LIFETIME by Judi Fennell. CATCH OF A LIFE TIME is actually a sequel to the book that I reviewed yesterday IN OVER HER HEAD. Well really it's the third book in the series, but I didn't have the chance to read the second book yet!

CATCH OF A LIFETIME was similar in many ways to IN OVER HER HEAD. The main female character in this book was actually one of the sisters of the male lead in the first book. The book was filled with a similar type of action and adventure, and the relationship between the main characters was filled with lots of sexual tension. In addition, Ms. Fennell's descriptions of the underwater scenery was once again beautiful and extremely creative! I also enjoyed all of the puns and humor that were part of this story.

I actually think I enjoyed CATCH OF A LIFETIME even more than IN OVER HER HEAD. I enjoyed the first book because of the uniqueness of the story, but I felt that the story in this book was a little more interesting to me. A larger part of this story took place on land, and I liked seeing the Mer act like "a fish out of water" -- I know, it's a lousy pun! I also liked the underlying theme of family, love, sacrifice, and redemption in this story.

Even though I missed out on book two, I didn't feel as if I needed to read that book before picking up CATCH OF A LIFETIME. Although there are the occasional references to the prior stories and characters, the book definitely could stand on its own. I have a feeling that there just might be more books in this series because there are still a few family members whose stories haven't been fully told!

I think CATCH OF A LIFETIME will definitely appeal to fans of paranormal romance and especially fans of The Little Mermaid. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story (although I acknowledge that I don't fully appreciate all of the love scenes.) In so many ways, this book was a fun read. I just wish I had been able to read this while sunning at the shore!

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book. Make sure you stop by tomorrow because Ms. Fennell has written a terrific guest post. I will also be running a contest to giveaway two copies of CATCH OF A LIFETIME.


Judi Fennell said...

Thanks again, Julie! So glad you enjoyed it.

And, actually, WILD BLUE UNDER takes place mostly on land, so you might like that one even more.

"See" you tomorrow!

bermudaonion said...

I don't think I've ever read paranormal romance, unless the Sookie books are considered that. Nice review!

Sandy Nawrot said...

I should probably dabble with Sookie before I proceed any further with this genre. I'm curious, but just a little suspicious!

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Great post and review!

Definately will be back tomorrow since I've been wanting to read this trilogy!

Beth F said...

Fun -- what's a little paranormal romance among friends?