Friday, January 1, 2010

Books Won Reading Challenge

It's that time of year....Book Challenges. I just found another one that I can't resist -- the Books Won Reading Challenge hosted by Teddy Rose from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time.

Here's the scoop straight from Teddy Rose's mouth:

This is a new challenge I have come up with to read and review some of the books I have won from other bloggers. The reason publishing companies supply books for book bloggers to give away is to get word out about the books and create buzz. I feel bad that I haven't read many of the book I have won and want to make an effort to read them in 2010.

If you would like to join me, here are the levels:

Honorable Mention: Read 1-3 book you won.
Bronze: Read 4-6 books you won.
Silver: Read 7-9 Books you won.
Gold: Read 10 or more books you won.

The Rules:

1. You must write a review for each book that you read for it to count. If you do not have a blog you can write your reviews on a place like Amazon, Powell's, Chapters, etc. 2.Crossovers with other challenges are okay.

3. Audiobooks count, as long as you won them. As do won e-books.

4. You can change up levels but cannot go back down a level.

5. Make a list of the books won that you plan to read for the challenge. You can always make changes to the list.

To sign up, leave a direct link to your blog post about this challenge , using Mr. Linky below. Please leave a comment as well.

Please subscribe to my blog, as I will be doing a monthly post with MR Linky. Please add your reviews for each month in MR Linky in the monthly post. For your Name, please use this format Name: (Your Name, Book Title and Author's Name) for example: (Teddy, Obsessive Reading by Helen Reader). Please be sure to use the direct link to your review, not just to your blog. Then please leave a comment.

I am going for the Bronze level (Read 4 - 6 books I've won) at a minimum. I'm hoping that I can use books read in this challenge towards some of my other challenges. If not, I'm in big trouble! The challenge runs from January 2 through December 31, 2010.

Here's my list (although it's subject to change):

THE OPPOSITE OF ME by Sarah Pekkanen
POSED FOR MURDER by Meredith Cole
THE SHIMMER by David Morrell

This challenge sounds like a lot of fun, and I can definitely use an incentive for reading some of my books in my TBR pile!


bermudaonion said...

I'm doing this challenge, too, but didn't make a list! I guess I should go back and do that. Good luck!

Teddy Rose said...

Welcome to the Books Won Challenge!

Lisa said...

This is a great idea. I try not to enter to win too many books because I already have so many I need to get to. Any challenge that helps us get through the piles of books we already have is a good one, isn't it?!