Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attention: Book Bloggers

Peter from the blog Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations needs your help! He's looking for some book club recommendations from you!

Hello and happy new year from Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations -- where you can find books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;-)

It seems the book club community has recently discovered my book club recommendations. From the feedback, not only are the lists very much enjoyed, but people are clamoring for more.

That's where you come in. While I've read plenty of books, I'm looking to book club members to contribute new lists -- themed, annotated lists of highly discussable books.

Can you name and describe 5+ flashlight worthy, discussable books that follow a theme? Maybe '7 Great Books that Revolve Around Food'? Or '6 Women's Memoirs That Will Start an Argument'. How About '5 Discussable Novels Set in Africa'?

Take a look at the lists I have and give it some thought. If you're interested, email me at Info AT flashlightworthy DOT com. Thanks so much and have a great new year!

Peter (The guy who runs Flashlight Worthy)
Recommending books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)


Serena said...

I sent off a list of poetry. Thanks for the announcement.

Amused said...

Oh I've surely got some ideas! Thanks for the tip off! I love that site, btw.

Beth said...

Help -- I'm already drowning in books from all the new blogs I found on the comment challenge, and now you've sent me to another brier patch.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the announcement. My head is already swimming with ideas...