Monday, October 5, 2009

Review: Begin Smart Books - 6 to 12 months

Summary: Baby likes to clap, and wave, and snack! This interactive board book with lift-the-flaps encourages babies to explore the world around them and learn that when objects disappear from view they aren't gone forever. -- Begin Smart

Summary: Clear, colorful art makes this set of 8 cards on a teether ring an ideal developmental toy for babies. A butterfly, a fish, a car, a flower, a bird, and much more - all for babies' eyes to see. -- Begin Smart

BOUNCY BABY and BABY SAYS are two new adorable books from Begin Smart geared for babies from six to twelve months old. Last year, I reviewed some books from the same company, and I thought they were absolutely fabulous. I gave them to my nephew who has thoroughly enjoyed them.

These books are equally wonderful for little ones. BOUNCY BABY is a precious lift-the-flap book filled with cute baby characters and lots of bright colors! There are very few words on each page (perfect for the the targeted age range) and the words all rhyme for a very catchy story. I remember how much my kids loved to lift the flaps and peek under them, so I can assume that this book would have been a huge hit with both of them.

Parents are going to love this book too. The board book is extremely sturdy and I think even those babies who are somewhat hard on books won't be able to damage this one. The flaps are even sturdier than most lift-the-flap books that I've seen. In addition, I like that Begin Smart books all come with some guidance for parents. Inside the front cover, there is a letter telling parents how their babies will learn from this book. In the case of BOUNCY BABY, one of the main objectives it to each infants about object permanence. I really appreciate that the Begin Smart books all include this educational feature for grownups!

BABY SAYS isn't actually a book in the traditional sense, but it is a great educational toy. There is a teething ring which contains eight very sturdy round cardboard pieces. On each piece, there is an adorable picture and the corresponding word. It's like baby flashcards! This "book" encourages: early visual activity, visual stimulation, language acquisition, bonding, and object recognition!

If you are looking for a gift, I think these Begin Smart books are ideal!

Thanks to the publisher for sending me these books.

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bermudaonion said...

Vance loved lifting those flaps to discover what was under them too!