Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review: Begin Smart Books - 12 to 18 months

Summary: A colorful board book with charming animal illustrations adds fun to baby's favorite game -- Peek-a-Boo! After a baby's first year she now understands that even when something isn't within sight, it still exists. -- Begin Smart

Summary: Kids push the soft, vinyl squeaky button and see what magic unfolds! The button, which shows through the die-cut pages, becomes a flower's center, a helicopter's propeller, the knob on a firefighter's hose, and the crank in a jack-in-the-box. -- Begin Smart

PEEK-A-BOO WHAT? and PUSH THE BUTTON are two of the new books for 12 to 18 months old from Begin Smart. As I mentioned earlier this week and last summer in my reviews (here and here and here), I just adore these books!

PEEK-A-BOO WHAT? is perfect for youngsters! My kids were both crazy about playing this game, and really what kid doesn't love a little peek-a-boo? The colors in the book were still beautiful and bright like the books geared for younger children; however, there was a lot more going on in these pictures. The animals in the story actually looked like they were pieced together from paper -- albeit papers of different colors, shapes and textures. I thought the animals were adorable!

Kids are going to love that these pages flip open and have surprises beneath them. They can get a little image of what's underneath because of the circular cutouts; however, I couldn't always tell what the picture was going to be. I also think they will also enjoy the rhyming cadence of the book.

Parents are going to like that this book encourages understanding of words and actions, remembering, matching words and actions and parent-child interaction!

PUSH THE BUTTON is also an entertaining book that little ones are going to like to read and play with. My children absolutely loved books that made noises, and this one has a rubber button that squeaks when you touch it. As the parent reads the story, the child is supposed to press the button and make the appropriate sound. I love that PUSH THE BUTTON involves both parent and child.

As is the case with all of the Begin Smart books, this one is very sturdy and durable --the board book pages are very thick. The pictures are simple (yet colorful) and the words are few per page. I like that the button is extremely easy to push and even the youngest fingers can make it squeak.

PUSH THE BUTTON encourages hand-eye coordination, understanding cause and effect, small motor skills development, and following directions.

If you aren't familiar with the Begin Smart books, then you should really check out their website. Not only does it show all of the books available by age range, but it also offer a lot of advice for parents. It really is a great resource on childhood learning and developmental stages.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me these books.

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