Thursday, October 22, 2009

BlogTalk Radio Show for The Body in the Sleigh

Summary: It's Christmastime, and the Fairchild family is spending the holidays on idyllic Sanpere Island in Maine while the Reverend Thomas Fairchild recuperates from surgery. His caterer wife, Faith, is rejoicing in the rare, holiday family-time together—watching ice boaters, snowshoeing, and doing plenty of reading in front of the fire.

But Faith's high spirits are dampened when she discovers the body of a young woman in an antique sleigh in front of the Sanpere Historical Society. The victim, Norah, was a teenage drug addict who apparently died by her own hand. Beloved by many, her untimely death rocks the isolated, tight-knit island community.

Meanwhile, Mary Bethany, a local spinster who raises goats, happens upon a newborn baby boy lying in the manger of her barn on Christmas Eve. The only clues to his identity are a note in the basket asking her to take care of him, as well as an alarming amount of cash. As Faith helps Mary locate the baby's mother, she soon finds that the truth behind the abandonment is connected to Norah's last days—and that, just as death and life are intertwined on Sanpere, so are evil and redemptive goodness. -- William Morrow

I just found out that there is going to be an interview on Blog Talk Radio, next Tuesday October 27th at 3 pm EST with Katherine Hall Page, author of THE BODY IN THE SLEIGH. You can check out the inside of the book here. I am starting to get in the mood for the holidays and reading THE BODY IN THE SLEIGH might be a fun way to start the season!

I am very excited to listen and participate in this radio show. You can call or write into the show with a question too. And if you do, the folks at Harper Collins will send you a copy of the book -- you can't beat that!

Here's a little helpful advice: you should subscribe to Blog Talk Radio before the show begins. You will need to do this in order to call in or write in with a question. Here is the link to register. Once you’ve registered, you are good to go and can totally participate in the show. Here’s more information about the show.

Hope to see you there!

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bermudaonion said...

I've got this on my calendar and plan to listen. The book sounds like fun!