Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review: Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger?

Summary: Not your average touch-and-feel!

Everyone knows what it’s like to pat a bunny that’s soft and cuddly. But for those babies and toddlers who want to touch something different—say prickly and tickly animals of a more exotic nature—Betsy Snyder’s Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? offers the perfect opportunity. This novelty book asks its readers if they’ve ever kissed a walrus, poked a penguin, or hugged an octopus, among others! Rhyming couplets share more about the delightfully illustrated creatures boasting tickly whiskers, velvety tummies, bumpy tentacles, fluffy feathers, etc.—all for baby to touch and feel! -- Random House

I just discovered a really cute picture book for the little one in your life. It's called HAVE YOU EVER TICKLED A TIGER? by Betsy Snyder; and it's positively adorable! Not only is the story and pictures cute, but it's also a touch-and-feel book!

HAVE YOU EVER TICKLED A TIGER? is geared towards children under two years old, but that didn't stop by little guy from wanting to read it. I told him that this book is really for someone younger, like his little cousin, but he says he really likes it and doesn't want to give it away.

This book is being sold as "not your average touch-and-feel book;" and I have to agree. Both of my children absolutely loved touch-and-feel books, but this book is different than any of the other ones that we've ever read. Each page in the book shows a different animals that you can feel; however, these animals aren't typical. There is a penguin, a hedgehog, an ostrich, a walrus, an armadillo, and an octopus -- see what I mean about this book having more obscure animals?

The pictures in this book are downright precious. All of the animals are very cute and have big eyes which make them even more adorable. The words in this book are very catchy and rhyme, and some of the words even sound funny when you read them. For example, my son thought this was extremely entertaining, "have you ever kissed a walrus? whiskers tickle! pucker up for fishy kisses from this pup." What he loved even more was actually kissing the walrus and feeling the "real" walrus whiskers!

The textures in this book are wonderful for little hands and fingers to touch. There is a furry penguin, a velcro-ish hedgehog, and a feathery ostrich to name a few. My son has played with this book a lot and loves touching all the different animals.

I definitely think this book is a winner and little ones are going to love it if my son is any indication!

A big thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book!


Beth F said...

I always loved the touch and feel books too. So glad to know there is new winner!

bermudaonion said...

Vance always loved the touch and feel books too. My great nephew might like this one.