Monday, June 8, 2009

Mother Daughter Book Club Meeting #12

Summary: While trying to locate a missing dancer who is about to gain a large inheritance, Nancy Drew finds a clue leading to the solution of yet another mystery. -- Barnes and Noble

Last evening, our Mother Daughter Book Club met to discuss THE CLUE IN THE CRUMBLING WALL by Carolyn Keene. Booking Daughter wasn't too thrilled to read a Nancy Drew mystery because she had tried one last summer and didn't really like it. I know, I can't she like Nancy Drew books? I remember not only reading the books, but watching the television show, and even playing Nancy Drew with my friends.

Needless to say, the past few weeks my heart was breaking because I love Nancy Drew books and I thought my daughter would feel the same way (I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere.) A few years ago, I even read GIRL SLEUTH: NANCY DREW AND THE WOMEN WHO CREATED HER to learn more about series. I am a big Nancy Drew fan -- so much so that I bought my daughter the entire series (all 56 books) for her 9th birthday.

As the date to our meeting was quickly approaching and the book was still unread, I explained to my daughter that she belongs to a book club and has a responsibility to read every book -- even when she doesn't really like the book. Once she stopped all the complaining and procrastinating, she found that she really enjoyed THE CLUE IN THE CRUMBLING WALL; and she even picked up another Nancy Drew mystery to read right away.
Thank goodness -- I was beginning to doubt if she really was my daughter!

I was a little worried about what the girls would discuss at our meeting, but I shouldn't have given it a second thought. The girls ran their own meeting and the hostess even gave a little bit of background on the author Carolyn Keene (she was very well prepared). She explained to the girls that there wasn't really an actual woman named Carolyn Keene; rather, a few different people penned the series. The girls also discussed what they thought would happen in the story as well as which character they could most relate to.

I think the meeting was a big success, and I'm so glad that the Nancy Drew books were introduced to our girls. I have very fond memories of reading these books when I was a girl, and I'm hoping that my daughter will develop a similar appreciation of Nancy Drew.

For our next meeting, the moms and daughters will be reading THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP by Liz Kessler and illustrated by Sarah Gibb. I wasn't familiar with this book, but a few of the girls and moms are. I think it sounds like a book that nine and ten year old girls are going to love especially given that there are mermaids in this story. It definitely sounds like a perfect read for the summer.

Summary: For as long as she can remember, twelve-year-old Emily Windsnap has lived on a boat. And, oddly enough, for just as long, her mother has seemed anxious to keep her away from the water. But when Mom finally agrees to let her take swimming lessons, Emily makes a startling discovery - about her own identity, the mysterious father she’s never met, and the thrilling possibilities and perils shimmering deep below the water’s surface. With a sure sense of suspense and richly imaginative details, first-time author Liz Kessler lures us into a glorious undersea world where mermaids study shipwrecks at school and Neptune rules with an iron trident - an enchanting fantasy about family secrets, loyal friendship, and the convention-defying power of love. -- Candlewick


bermudaonion said...

It's so nice to see that the classics that we loved are timeless. I was always so disappointed when Vance didn't love one of my old favorites.

Meghan said...

I loved Nancy Drew, too. I actually found that I really enjoyed all the classic children's books that my mom had when she was little. My grandma still has them all, so I'm glad I will have them to pass on to my children.

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Horray! I'm glad to hear the Nancy Drew book was such a success. I remember I used to spend summers at my grandparents house and would read all of my Mom's Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children books to pass the time (it was a very small, dull town they lived in!).

BookClubGirl said...

My mom gave my daughter that Tail of Emily Windsnap about a year ago and I just love the cover and have been wanting to snag it out of her room. I'll try to read it before your post about it!

holdenj said...

How nice to introduce the group to such an incon! Nothing like Nancy Drew.

What caught my eye was your reference to Girl Sleuth. I read it a couple years ago as well and was amazed at all I learned about the Stratemeyer syndicate and all. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a little more Nancy minutae in their life!

Amy said...

She just needed time to discover the glory that is Nancy!

I want to read that Girl Sleuth book...maybe one day.

Beth F said...

So good to hear that Nancy Drew still holds up. I'm sure those books are why I still read mysteries!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved Nancy Drew, too.

The Tail of Emily Windsap sounds like something my daughter would enjoy.

Jenny Girl said...

I can't remember the story plot but I know I read that book by the cover!