Thursday, January 8, 2009

Author Chats with Joshua Henkin

Check out this fantastic article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about MATRIMONY author Joshua Henkin entitled "Author, your Group is Calling." The article tells how Mr. Henkin has managed to meet with over 80 book groups (either by phone or in person) to discuss his novels.

While the popularity of author chats is definitely on the rise, Mr. Henkin is a little different from most other authors -- he often is the first to initiate contact with book clubs. I found it interesting that he is using Goodreads and Facebook to find his audience.

As many of you already know (because it was one of my book highlights of 2008,) Mr. Henkin drove two hours to spend an evening with my book club last May. You can read more about our little meeting here. As the article mentions, Mr. Henkin did reach out to me by offering to drive to our meeting. I was shocked (and totally excited) to say the least.

My book club had a wonderful time discussing MATRIMONY with the author, and I highly recommend it for one of your future book club meetings. If you're interested in having Joshua Henkin as a "guest," you can contact him at

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Serena said...

I don't have a book club...but I'm amazed that he is so forthcoming in his search for an audience.