Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: News Blues

TUNE IN: All 27-year-old Maddy Madison wants is a cute guy, a designer handbag and to work at Newsline. What she has is a dead-end job at News 9 San Diego, a psycho boss and a counterfeit Kate Spade. One with a badly glued-on label. Oh, and no guy.

TURN ON: Just when Maddy’s sure her days of producing sensationalistic puff pieces will never end (“Perilous Pets!” “Deadly Dishwashers!” “Clay that Kills!”) she’s offered a promotion. She’s now an investigative producer—and that’s not all; she’s also partnered with the station’s newest photographer: sexy, motorcycle-riding bad boy and former moviemaker Jamie Hayes. But every silver cloud has a stormy lining. Her new job is with News 9’s narcissistic anchor, Terrance Toller; Jamie’s getting married (not to her); and reporting the truth is about as easy as watching your divorced parents get remarried (not to each other).

TAKE OFF: So, how does Maddy get to produce real news, bag her boss and win her man? Stay tuned. It’s the story of a lifetime. - dorchester publishing

Sometime in my internet surfing, I ran across a contest on Dorchester Publishing's website to win an ARC of NEWS BLUES by Marianne Mancusi. A few days later, I received an e-mail telling me that I'd won and a book was on its way. I read a few blurbs about the book and thought it looked like a "fun" read. So I thought, what the heck? -- why not read something a little different than what I'm used to?

NEWS BLUES was actually a hoot! The book was very fast-paced and I found myself wanting to continue reading (even when I had other things to do). I liked the main characters, especially Maddy, her boyfriend Jamie, and her co-worker/best friend Jodi. I enjoyed following Maddy on her "spying" adventures as well as her life's ups and downs (and there were quite a few.)

NEWS BLUES was written by Marianne Mancusi who is a two-time award-winning news producer. It was very evident to me that someone with an insider's view into the TV news business wrote this story. The portions of the story that made fun of the fluff pieces done on local news as well as the egotistical anchorman were very entertaining. I also thought the little chapter breaks -- e-mail messages, letters, notes, etc. -- that Ms. Mancusi used to move the plot were hilarious at times.

I think the book would make a great beach/pool/vacation read, but I just had to settle for reading it during our rainy (yet slightly warm) weather here in Central PA. While the book is for the most part is a very light romance read, there were some issues that made the book a little deeper. For example, Maddy's parents were going through a divorce, her sister was going wild with drugs and guys, and her boyfriend Jamie was engaged to another woman. I liked how the Maddy's character matured as a result of her challenges.

Overall, I'd say that NEWS BLUES is a light, fun read; and since it's only $6.99, it's quite a bargain. The book will be available to everyone on February 26th.

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