Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bring on the Challenges!

As many of you know, I am still very new to this whole blogging thing. I now find myself spending hours every day reading blogs about books. One thing that kept popping up on everyone's blogs was reading challenges. At first, I thought I didn't need anything else to pressure me to read. I am what most of my family and friends refer to as a Type A+ personality who makes my own stress (even when something is supposed to be fun or a hobby.) I totally thrive on making lists (for everything) and I love to cross the line items out as I complete them - I'm kind of result oriented. But as I saw more and more of these reading challenges popping up, I thought "what is a reading challenge anyway but making lists of books to read and then crossing them out?" I figure that I'm probably doing this already.

The first challenge that I signed up for was the 100+ Reading Challenge sponsored by J Kaye's Book Blog. It looks pretty easy. Basically, I just keep track of the books I read in 2008. I'm already doing this on my blog here, so count me in!

Then I kind of felt a little guilty because I know I will read 100+ books this year -- is this really a challenge for me? So I signed up for something way out of my comfort zone -- The Novella Challenge hosted by Trish. In summary, I have to read 6 novellas (books between 100 and 250 pages) between April and September 2008. I found a listing of novellas on Barnes and Noble that should get me started. I really haven't read many novellas in my life so I'm sure this challenge will make me branch out.

The final challenge that I found appealing is The Chunkster Challenge. How could I resist a challenge that says "Chunky Isn't Always Bad?" I have to read at least four chunksters (books that are 450+ pages) this year and share reviews on them. I thought this would be fun because I often read the shorter books in my pile first -- back to that results oriented thing. I actually started my first official chunkster a few days ago -- MISTRESS OF THE REVOLUTION (I think I've already read one or two this year before I signed up for this challenge.)

I think these challenges will be a lot of fun! I'm sure I will meet many new bloggers and learn about many great books. I can't wait to get started!


Karlie said...

You should be able to complete those challenges with no problems. I was elated to read 31 books last year :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun with all these challenges! The novella challenge sounds interesting.

I'm new to book blogging too, and was amazed at all the challenges out there to expand our reading horizons - as if we needed more books on the tbr list ;)
I managed to restrain myself and joined only one - the Short Story Challenge.

Your comment on my post at Bookstack made me smile -you've trained your friend quite well if she's putting the books she borrowed from you in a plastic baggie! Next she needs to wear gloves while reading it (LOL)

Pnina Brancha said...

Hello Booking Mama,
By chance, by fate, or by luck I found your site. I was looking at reviews of the book "The Septembers of Shiraz", not knowing about the site I clicked. Sometimes you click and you get the "Fatal Error" message, boo-hiss, and others you get..."Super Duper Great Site." Never in my imagination did I think of looking for a book blog. Boy am I jumping for joy. Short story, I am 59 years old, grew up in a small town in NJ, and no boys and girls there were not reading teachers back then or at least not where I grew up. However, Harry L. Bain School in West New York NJ did have one. Bless her, and bless her again. I could comprehend without any problem, but I could not read on grade level. Years and years later I was tested; I am dyslexic. I am not sure if this dear sweet women even knew that such a word would be invented. She simply took me under her reading eyes and worked with me for a full school year. By the end of the year I was above grade level and reading anything I could put my hands upon. Yup you are reading about the kid who would read the back of the old Lysol cans simply to have 'anything/something' to read. My love for books has not changed one iota.

Now to find this site. UMMMM-UMMMM . My tastes vary from season to season. Right now I am reading "Hasidic Tales" Annotated and Explained, by Rabbi Rami Shapiro. Even if you do not have any knowledge in this venue I can recommend the book for shear culture value and enjoyment. Not only will you learn a bit about this particular sect of Judaism but some great life lessons. You do not need to be Jewish to try it out. Smiles.

As for challenges I too am a list maker. My personal opinion is...what is life without lists? Nothing! Sometimes I have been known to make lists of lists. Ok not just sometimes, many times. My dear husband has told me often he would never divorce me (well that is good to know) since he would not be able to find anything. I think he is telling me I am just shy of compulsively organized. Great something to cross off my list.

How about setting up a challenge on your blog? I am ready for a New Year challenge. Ready, set, read.

Many many thanks
An avid reader