Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Daughter's Review: Sophie's World

Summary: Sophie isn't happy. She's convinced that her parents, especially her father, don't love her as much as they love her high-achieving sister; her grades are poor; her classmates think she is weird; and her teachers tell her she daydreams too much (indeed, she does). If Jesus could only help her make just one friend . . . Then Fiona, new to the community, arrives on the scene. She is smart and self-assured, but best of all, she shares Sophie's love of make-believe. Suddenly, Sophie's life doesn't seem so bleak. But, of course, it's not quite that simple, and before long Sophie's doing a little more praying and paying closer attention to following God's plan by finding the best in herself and doing the right thing. Without heavy sermonizing, Rue smoothly works the idea of prayer in daily life into the story of an insecure kid whose problems with parents and "mean girls" have the ring of truth. -

SOPHIE'S WORLD by Nancy Rue is the first book in the Sophie Faithgirlz series. The Faithgirlz series is aimed for girls between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. The series promotes that "as girls of faith we know that our real beauty is inside of us, because we were created in God's image and God didn't make anything that wasn't beautiful." I bought a few of the series for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas. I was hoping that she'd enjoy them, but she actually loves them and can't stop talking about them. So much so that she wants to write a review for my blog.

In the words of Booking Daughter (with a little help from Booking Mama): I enjoyed the book Sophie's World because I really liked the character of Sophie and her story. Sophie became confident after she met her new friends, Fiona and Maggie. She didn't care if she was part of the popular group (the Corn Pops) anymore. Instead, she made new friends and they called themselves The Corn Flakes. I liked how Sophie helped her friend when other people were being mean to her. The book taught me that you don't have to be popular to be happy, that you just have to be nice to be a good friend. I can't wait to keep reading more of the Sophie Faithgirlz books.


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Excellent review!

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Wow, "Booking Daughter" (love that), What a great review! It sounds like a good story with an even better moral. Thanks for sharing it.