Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Trip to BJs Wholesale Club

Last week, I went to BJs in search of a birthday gift for my friend. Of course, no trip to BJs would be complete for me without visiting the book section so I headed there right away. As I was walking around the tables, I decided that a book might be a good gift since she's a member of my book club and an avid reader. I mean -- what could be better than getting a book, right?

There were three books that immediately caught my eye -- GARDENS OF WATER, THE LIAR'S DIARY, and THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT HEAVEN BEARS. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of GARDENS OF WATER by Alan Drew a few months ago; and I absolutely loved it (click here for my review). I was a little hesitant to purchase either of the other two since I hadn't read them yet, but I still thought they looked terrific. I immediately checked both books out of my local library, and I read them right away. Let me just say that while both of the books were extremely different from each other, they were both very, very good reads. THE LIAR'S DIARY was suspenseful and kept me guessing until the end; and THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT HEAVEN BEARS was just a wonderful book that was beautifully written.

Bottom Line: Since I had read GARDENS OF WATER and loved it, I went with the "safe" choice and gave her this book. Knowing what I know now, any of the books would have made a wonderful birthday gift. I highly recommend reading all of these books!!


Susan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that HAS to peruse the book section at her local warehouse club. I've never been inside a BJ's, but I'm notorious for buying books at Costco. I actually find that their prices are so much lower than other places, even though they never have a lot of selection.

I've never heard of the books you picked, but they sound interesting.

Anonymous said...

Julie, how on earth do you find time to read so much?? Your pace amazes me!

They all sound like good books. I don't have a BJs so I'm stuck with Costco and Target, and I can't make a trip to either store without checking out the book section.