Saturday, August 4, 2018

Kid Konnection: What If Everybody Said That?

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with a cute picture book with a special message.

Summary: What if everybody chose to be kind?

If you tell someone that they can’t play with you, there’s no harm done, right? But what if everybody said that? What if everybody forgot to be kind…and made fun of other kids’ artwork at school, or told a fib, or refused to share with a person in need? The world wouldn’t be a very nice place to live. But what if everybody thought before they spoke, so the world would be a kinder place?

With clear prose and lighthearted artwork, this companion book to the bestseller What If Everybody Did That? explores the power of words and shows kids that the things we say matter. -- Two Lions

I think WHAT IF EVERYBODY SAID THAT? by Ellen Javernick and pictures by Colleen Madden is an important picture book especially in today's world. This book shows youngsters what it's like if kids say anything that pop into their mind... without thinking about the repercussions. For instance, one little girl tells her classmates that their artwork isn't very good and that no boys are allowed to play on the playground. She also learns what it's like to call out in class without waiting your turn. It isn't until her mom caught her saying something hurtful that they little girl realized, "What if everybody said that?"; and she understood it's much better if everybody says (and does) nice things.

WHAT IF EVERYBODY SAID THAT? is an entertaining book that will definitely resonate with kids. The author does a great job of showing how saying even the littlest things can hurt others and how important it is to be nice to others. It sounds so simple, and it is; however, it's a message that bears repeating.

I loved the message of this book especially given the horrible things people are saying about each other in our current political environment. And while I don't think kids necessary understand everything going on in our world, I do think the tendency to being less kind (and downright mean sometimes) is growing and ultimately affecting even our littlest citizens. I hope WHAT IF EVERYBODY SAID THAT? teaches children that it's better to say nice things... and that it maybe has a similar effect on the adults reading them the book!

I enjoyed WHAT IF EVERYBODY SAID THAT? and definitely recommend it to families and teachers!

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