Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Love, Accidentally

Summary: From the author of The Opposite of Me and Skipping a Beat, an original eBook that shows whom we fall in love with may be the biggest -- and happiest -- accident of all. 

Ilsa Brown wasn’t expecting a little, injured dog to lead her to the love of her life. But within months of their first meeting on a street corner in L.A., she and Grif, the dog’s owner, are engaged. Things between them are so blissful that Ilsa is stunned by the tension that erupts during their visit to Chicago to meet his parents, where she discovers that Grif’s old girlfriend, Elise, is still woven into his family. What Ilsa needs to know before she can walk down the aisle is whether Elise is still in Grif’s heart, too.

Featuring a character from Sarah Pekkanen’s original eBook short story All Is Bright, Love, Accidentally is surprising and heartfelt. It’s a story about taking chances and choosing hope, and discovering what it means to love someone—and to let go of someone you love. -- Washington Square Press

I am a big fan of Sarah Pekkanen and her writing. She is not only one of the sweetest authors I've had the pleasure of meeting, but she is also a terrific writer. One thing that I appreciate about her is that she doesn't make me wait an entire year for a new story. Instead, she offers her original short story eBooks to tide over her fans. Her latest release is called LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY.

LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY tells the story of Ilsa Brown a veterinarian who just happens to meet a "dream" guy Grif when his dog is accidentally hit by a car. They immediately fall in love and become engaged; however, Ilsa begins to doubt Grif's feelings when she learns that his ex-girlfriend is still involved with his family. And if that isn't enough, Ilsa also discovers that her sister's marriage is in trouble and she begins to project their issues on her relationship with Grif.

LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY is a cute and quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not usually a big fan of romance stories, but I found this one to be entertaining. Cynics might say that the ending was a bit predictable (and maybe it was), but that didn't stop me from having a big grin on my face as I finished it.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY so much were the characters. Ms. Pekkanen always has the ability to create very real characters in all of her stories. She also makes them so darn likable. In the case of LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY, I adored both Ilsa and Grif; and I so wanted them to end up together.

Sometimes life just calls for a comfort read and LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY certainly fits the bill.

LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY is available for most eReaders for $.99.

Thanks to the author for providing me a review copy of this short story.


Serena said...

Sounds like another good one from this author....I better start reading her books.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I made Pekkanen a goal for 2012, and on New Year's Eve, I downloaded a couple of her books (right before the TBR Dare kicked in!). I saw this one but didn't get it. I'll read her others first. I know I will love them somehow because she is such a NICE person and everyone raves about her books.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Like Sandy, I have as a goal getting to this author!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I love Sarah Pekkanen too! I will have to get this one, thanks Julie!

bermudaonion said...

I thought this was a really sweet story too. i love Pekkanen's character - they're full of heart and emotion.

Jenners said...

I keep hearing about this author and how wonderful she is. I plan on reading Skipping A Beat at one point this year.

Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

I have Skipping a Beat on my bookshelf that I want to get to soon. Your review of this book just makes me want to read it right now.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the predictability of romances is the only thing that will hit the spot :)