Sunday, May 2, 2010

Contest: Who is Your Favorite Fictional Mother-Daughter Pair?

I recently read THE THREADBARE HEART by Jennie Nash and I loved it -- my review will be up shortly! It was a beautiful story about love and loss, but I think what most captured my heart was the way the author portrayed the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship. But I'm always a sucker for a good mother-daughter story, especially this time of year!

If you're a regular follower of my blog, then you know that some of my favorite books are about the relationships between mothers and daughters. There have been so many wonderful books out there with memorable mother-daughter pairs that I'm hard-pressed to name a favorite (but THE THREADBARE HEART is right up there.)

If you are like me and love books about mother-daughter relationships, then you are definitely going to want to keep reading. Jennie Nash has partnered with some book bloggers to host a fantastic Mother's Day Writing Contest, and she wants to read about your favorite fictional mother-daughter pair. (Hopefully, you can do a better job than I can narrowing down your favorite!) If she loves what you have to say in your essay, then you could win the awesome Grand Prize for your book club -- 10 copies of THE THREADBARE HEART, a call from Jennie, and a homemade rum cake!

Here's the scoop straight from Jennie:

The Threadbare Heart is a story about a mother and a daughter torn apart by grief, jealousy and misunderstanding — and the family heirloom that finally brings them together. To celebrate its publication, and in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m running a ―Favorite Fictional Mother & Daughter contest with the fantastic bloggers. We want to know which fictional mother-daughter pair made you laugh? Made you cry? Made you cringe? Which pair revealed something true about your own mother-daughter relationships? (And yes, mothers and daughters in film are eligible. Fiction is fiction, right?)

  • Write 250 words about your favorite fictional mother-daughter pair.
  • Anytime before May 8th at 11:59 p.m. ET, email me your essay at bookingmama(at)gmail(dot)com with Jennie Nash Contest as the subject.
  • On Mother's Day, I will post the entry I like the best. The winner will receive a signed copy of THE THREADBARE HEART and will be entered in the Grand Prize Giveaway.
  • On May 16, Jennie will choose a Grand Prize winner from all the winning blog entries. (How will she pick? Whichever entry just hits her as being heartfelt and true.) The Grand Prize will be announced on the participating blogs, on her website and on twitter.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a ―Book Club in a Box — ten signed copies of The Threadbare Heart, a call-in from the author, and a delicious rum cake to share with your book-reading friends. (Why rum cake? You’ll have to read the book to understand! Jennie has picked out a cake by a baker named Kelli because she started selling rum cakes when she lost her baking buddy to cancer and she loved her story - and Jennies happens to think that good stories are a big part of a good life.)

I am so excited that Jennie Nash asked me to participate in this contest. There are quite a few wonderful blogs participating (you can see the complete list here), but the rules stipulate that you can only submit your essay to one of these blogs -- so please pick me! This contest is also open to those of you in the U.S. only.

I am really looking forward to reading your essays about fictional mother-daughter pairs and I wish you the best of luck with this awesome contest!



Beth Kephart said...

Yay for Jennie!!!!!! (love her)

Sandy Nawrot said...

I must have missed out on this tour, but I see alot of posts on the book today! I must need some caffeine this morning, because I can't think of ONE example of mother/daughter team. I'll have to give this more thought!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yay for Jennie for cooking this up! I've posted about it at Win a Book; thanks for the e-mail, babe!

Unknown said...

Is it to late to enter?
I didn't realize it was over the
4th I missed by a day. If possible I'd like to enter today.
Thanks, christine