Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Shame Author Chat

My book club had such a great time last night. Not only did we discuss a very funny book and enjoy yummy tiramisu (that I made!), but Lisa Daily, author of FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME joined us via telephone. We knew that if she was anywhere near as fun as her book, we would have a wonderful discussion. We were not disappointed -- she was a blast and so nice too!

It was unanimous among my book club that FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME is a wonderful summer read -- I really enjoyed it (you can read my review here). This book is just so entertaining -- there are moments that will make you laugh and ones that will make you cry! As we've found in the past with author chats, we always learn special things about the book that make us appreciate it even more.

Ms. Daily is fresh off of her two month whirlwind book tour where she promoted FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME in 22 cities. We had lots of questions for her about her tour as well as when her next fiction book will be available (in about a year.) One fun thing we discussed was the future big screen version of FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME -- we went through the main characters in the book and talked about potential actors/actresses that might be a good fit. We also learned that Ms. Daily is an avid reader -- she reads A LOT and even called herself a "book tramp" (I certainly know that feeling.) I was especially interested in hearing her recommendations for good reads.

If you are looking for a hilarious summer read, give FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME a try!


Cheryl said...

I like summer reads. Thanks for the tip

S. Krishna said...

This book sounds great - I may pick up a copy and review it for my (brand new) blog

Thanks for the great reviews!

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for hosting me last night -- your book club is fantastic!

The questions were wonderful, fun and insightful. I'm only sorry I missed out on the tiramisu :-)

Thanks again!



Anonymous said...


Thanks, I'd be honored!