Saturday, June 21, 2008

Review: Babies are Boring

Summary: Tired of caterpillars that eat too much and of saying endless good-nights to the moon?

The tongue-in-cheek look at babyhood is the perfect relief for moms and dads who want a fresh new book to read with their newborns and young toddlers.

Bright bold illustrations and fun-to-read rhymes will charm both parent and child . -- Purple Possum Publishing

When I was asked if I'd like to take a look at BABIES ARE BORING by Jon Ritchie, I jumped at the chance. I love children's books and I especially love reading them to my children. The book is probably aimed at children a little younger than my 3 year old, but he still enjoyed it. In fact, as soon as we finished reading it; we started back at the beginning and read it again.

The basic premise of the story is that "babies are boring." The 40 page book then proceeds to show all the ways that babies are either boring or require work -- some of which are very funny. I think parents will actually appreciate this a little more than kids. The last few pages of the book end with all the precious things that babies do -- like "the giggles and the gurgles and the funny tummy-blowings (which my son thought was funny). The final message is that babies are boring, "but if I have to be bored...I'm glad that it's by you."

While I thought the story was cute and I enjoyed the rhymes, my favorite part of this book was the illustrations. Alex Ritchie, Jon's brother, partnered with him on this book; and I thought his drawings were adorable. Each page featured a different mommy/daddy animal with their young -- most of the animals had big, googly eyes that made me giggle. My son even thought a few of them were cute, especially the ones where the mommy was changing the baby's dirty diaper. (Of course, any humor that is potty-related is just hilarious with my three year old.)

If you think this adorable book is something you'd be interested in purchasing, you can place an order here -- they even offer free shipping if you order five or more books. I think this book is great for the toddlers in your life, or even as a baby shower gift!

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