Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: iCookbook App

Summary: Designed to be the cooking application for everyday cooks, iCookbook™ was developed by Publications International, Ltd., a recognized industry leader that publishes and sells more than 9 million cookbooks a year.
The iCookbook app includes more than 2,000 recipes specially selected by our editors, all from the family-friendly food brands you know and trust. Each recipe can be made with easy-to-find ingredients, has been kitchen-tested and features a beautiful full-color photo.

iCookbook enables home cooks to find—not just search for—great recipes that they can prepare with confidence.

When I was contacted a few days ago about taking a look at the new app iCookbook, I jumped at the chance. There are few things I love as much as looking at recipes and getting new ideas for dinner. I honestly could look through multiple cookbooks every day just because I enjoy seeing the ingredients as well as the pictures. In addition, I don't love to cook the same old boring meals every week, so I get very excited when I discover a new recipe or two that my picky family might like.

While I do love looking through actual cookbooks and I don't think that will ever go totally away, I've found that I've been turning more often to my computer (and for the past year or so, my iPad) to get new recipes. I have downloaded a few apps for my iPad and they are okay, but it wasn't until I played around with iCookbook that I finally found an app that really exceeded my expectations.

And you don't have to just take my word for it. iCookbook has already received loads of recognition including:
  • Named by Apple as the best of the iPad Lifestyle category in App Store Rewind 2011
  • New York Times winner of the Pogie Awards celebrating the year’s best innovation technology
  • 2012 Appy Awards winner in the Cooking category by Media Post
  • Macworld Appalooza Top 25 placement on Greatest Apps of All Time contest
  • 2011 Best App Ever Award winner by
  • Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient
Besides the thousands of brand-name recipes, iCookbook has some other wonderful features. I can hardly capture all of them in this review (namely because I'm still learning everything this app has to offer), but I especially appreciated the user ratings -- both for difficulty and taste. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a follower, but I take comfort in knowing that others have found a recipe worth making. In addition, I like that I can look at a recipe and just add the ingredients to to my grocery list with the click of a button. I also appreciate that collect my favorite recipes in My Recipe Box.

Another really cool thing about iCookbook is that it really is an all-in-one cooking tool. I can search for recipes by almost anything including top rated, dish, ingredient, theme, cuisine, occasion, and even brand. If I find a recipe I like, I can also easily share it on Facebook or email a friend. There are also conversion and substitution charts along with a built-in timer and some how-to videos.

And finally, one of the best things about iCookbook is how it presents the directions for the recipe. It divides the recipe into steps (like many cookbooks), but it also shows what's next down below the current step. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Voice Command function. Rather than touching the Next button with my dirty hands, I can just say, "Two" to see the second step. So awesome, right?

Check out this video to see how cool iCookbook is. It really says it better than I ever could!

iCookbook is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8. You can purchase the iCookbook app for your iPhone or iPad for $4.99 from iTunes. Check out the iCookbook website for how to purchase the other platforms. I think that's a terrific bargain when you compare that with the price of cookbooks!

I loved playing with the iCookbook app and I can't wait to start testing some of the recipes. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must-have for any one who loves to cook (or even some one who enjoys looking at recipes!)

Thanks to Appency and iCookbook for providing a review copy of this very useful app.

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Marg said...

This sounds like a fantastic app to get hold of, and $4.99 seems like a pretty reasonable price! I hope I can find an Australian equivalent.

Thanks for reviewing it today!

bermudaonion said...

I love the idea of adding items to my grocery list with one click!

Sandy Nawrot said...

I use All Recipes and Epi apps on my phone, and Epi does that grocery list thing, but I'm going to check this out. I love online recipes. In fact, I find that I use them more and more, especially if I have an ingredient (like...fresh mahi) I can just google ideas.

Beth F said...

Very cool and thank goodness there's a droid version. I don't have an iPad, but I like the idea of the voice command. I'll check this out. I have a very old-fashioned recipe software program I use on my computer but I think this sounds better.

Linda said...

Love the idea of this app. I use my iPhone for recipes all the time. I'd love iPad so I don't have to squint at the screen.