Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: A Parfait Murder

Summary: When Tally's cousin Bree spots her deadbeat ex-husband strolling the Lantana County Fair with a fat wallet and a vixen on his arm, she immediately files for back child support. But when his lawyer is found dead, things get a little sticky. Did Bree serve up a dish of cold, sweet revenge? Or is she another hapless victim of a parfait crime? -- Signet

I sure am having such a fun time reading all of these mysteries for Mystery Mondays. The latest book that I enjoyed is called A PARFAIT MURDER by Wendy Lyn Watson. A PARFAIT MURDER is a murder mystery set in a small town in Texas. Tally is a local ice cream shop owner who also moonlights as a crime buster. When Tally's best friend and cousin Bree is accused of murder, she steps in to find the real culprit, and in the process, learns a thing or two about the people who mean the most to her.

It might be shallow to judge a book by the cover, but isn't this cover positively adorable? And in the case of A PARFAIT MURDER, I think it's just perfect. This cozy has an interesting cast of characters, a twisted murder case, a good old fashioned love story, and even a few ice cream recipes. For fans of cozies, it doesn't get much better than that!

I read A PARFAIT MURDER in one sitting. It's a cute story and a very quick read, and it definitely entertained me for a few hours. I really liked Tally and her spunky cousin Bree who was good for quite a few chuckles. In addition, I really liked Tally's leading man Finn; and I found their romance to be kind of cute. And for the "bad guys"... there were pretty typical for these types of books but I enjoyed them too.

As far as the mystery goes, I thought it was a pretty good one. While I did have a feeling about the identity of the culprit, I had no idea about the motive. I appreciated that there were lots of twists and turns and there was even a little action and suspense thrown in. All in all, it was a cute and entertaining read.

A PARFAIT MURDER is part of the Mystery a la Mode series. In keeping with my new attitude that I'm allowing myself to read series books out of order, I started with this one, the third book in the series after I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM and SCOOP TO KILL. I probably would have picked up a few more details had I read the first two books, but I don't think it hurt me to start in the middle of this series. Ms. Watson does a good job of informing the reader about past events in Tally's life. And I've found that it's always the private lives of the characters that I miss out on the most by not starting a series at the beginning.

A PARFAIT MURDER is a cute book and perfect for the long, hot summer given all the references to fairs and ice cream. I think fans of cozies, and especially food cozies, will find A PARFAIT MURDER to be a sweet treat (I know... I couldn't resist!)

Thanks to the publisher for sending a copy of this novel.

Mystery Mondays is a "somewhat" regular feature where I review all types of mystery books -- traditional mysteries, suspense/thrillers, and even cozies! Please feel free to share your thoughts on any recent mystery books that you've read.


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! I've just recently gotten in to murder mysteries again after dropping them for a while. This who series sounds...delicious. ;O)

Shonda said...

I agree the cover is cute. Actually the covers have attracted me to this series. There are so many cozy series I hope to start this summer and this is at the top of my list. Have you read the Psychic Eye series, featuring Abby Cooper, written by Victoria Laurie? I recently started reading this series and it's becoming a favorite.

Karlie said...

This looks adorable! I LOVE the cover!!

bermudaonion said...

This does sound really cute! Cozies can be a little predictable, but I think that's what makes them so comfortable to read.

Jenny Girl said...

A murder myster in a cute cover, what's not to love?! I hope you had some ice cream during or after reaidng this. Sounds delightful and thanks for the recommendation. Although I don't think I can go out of order :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love finding a new cozy series and for some reason I really do like the ones with good covers just a little bit more. I'll have to check this one out.

Kaye said...

I liked this one too and as it was a "new to me" author, I know I will read more in the series. Great characters!