Thursday, June 9, 2011

Product Reviews: New Tech Accessories & Giveaway

As many of you know, I received an iPad for Mother's Day last month. I absolutely love it and I admit that it's opened a whole new world for me. Of course, I love reading my emails, tweeting, surfing the net, and even using my iPad to read a book; but I've also discovered that there are lots of cool accessories out there for it. Recently, I had the opportunity to sample a few fun ones. I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

Jelly Belly Bean-Shaped Earbuds:

- Unique design
- Bright, exciting colors (consistent with the cases)
- Speciality ear cushion
- Maximum isolation
- Reliability and durability

The first product that I tried out were the Jelly Belly Earbuds, although if I'm being entirely truthful Booking Daughter grabbed them up first. (I can't blame her because they are very cute.) Jelly Belly Earbuds are shaped in the from of a traditional Jelly Belly jellybean and come in a variety of "flavors." We received the Strawberry Cheesecake ones which are bright pink. There is also an ear cushion which is attached to the bean that provides a comfortable fit comfort.

The Jelly Belly Earbuds were a hit with both Booking Daughter and me!

Dust-Off’s SmartPhone Portable Screen Cleaner

In order to get the most of all your smartphone and mp3 gadgets, it is important to keep them clean and fingerprint free. With Dust-Off’s SmartPhone Portable Screen Cleaner, travelers can safely and easily clean any device on-the-go thanks to the pen-sized pump spray and cloth which come in a compact package. The portable screen cleaner offers a safe and effective solution for removing smudges and fingerprints from all mobile devices.

The next product that I tried (and loved!) was Dust-Off's SmartPhone Portable Screen Cleaner. The key here for me was the "portable" part. This cleaner is actually small enough to carry in a purse or pocket -- it's really no larger than a Sharpie pen. In addition, it comes with a cloth that wraps around the cleaner and fits under the clip. It's just a great concept!

One of my pet peeves is the fingerprints that are all over my phone and my iPad -- it drives me crazy. And don't even get me started on my daughter's iPod or my son's Nintendo DS. After trying this product on my Droid 2 and seeing how great it worked, I went around and cleaned all our electronic products. Another winner!

9.7" Neoprene Sleeves for iPad

- Protects your iPad from scratches
- Pockets provide extra storage
- Inside lip ensures secure fit
- Available in stylish colors 

Lastly, I received an iLuv Neoprene Sleeve for the iPad. This sleeve holds my iPad perfectly and comes in a variety of colors. I received a pink one (I know.... perfectly matches my blog!) and it is just adorable.

There are a few things about the iLuv sleeve which really stood out to me. Besides being so cute, it does offer my iPad some extra protection from scratches for when I throw it in my tote bag. In addition, there is a little lip inside that fits over the top of my iPad and provides a more secure fit. And finally, I like that there are two, big pockets on the outside which hold my phone, my iPod or even my son's DS. I love having one cute product that holds all my gadgets!

I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to review these three new products, and I can't recommend them enough. And now, I'm going to share my excitement with one of you -- see below for your chance to win a set of Jelly Belly Stereo Earbuds!

Giveaway Alert: I have three sets of Jelly Belly Stereo Earbuds to share with three lucky readers. To enter, just fill out the form below before June 23rd at 11:59 p.m. I will randomly select and notify the winners the following day. This giveaway is open to those of you with U.S. addresses only. Good Luck!


bermudaonion said...

Fingerprints drive me crazy on my phone too! The iPad sleeve looks fantastic.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I don't have an IPad ****yet**** but I definitely want to get one, and I think I have Jim talked into it now! :--)

Anonymous said...

This sounds ridiculous, but I have been having such trouble finding ear buds I like, that are comfortable and have good sound. I had a pair I really liked, but my daughter needed them for school and now they're hers. I'll have to try these out even if I don't win.

Debbie said...

I'll have to try them out even if I don't win also! I've been using ear buds a lot since I started walking to work a few times a week... listening to audiobooks.

Beth F said...

I don't do well with ear buds that fit in your ear (I have small ears) but I'm curious to give these a try.