Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Join us for the Started Early, Took My Dog Read-along

As many of you already know, Kathy/Bermudaonion and I are hosting the Reagan Arthur Books Challenge.We thought it might be fun to do a read-along to Kate Atkinson’s newest book, STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG. We would love to have you join us! Here's the scoop straight from the challenge blog:

Kate Atkinson’s newest book, STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG, is being released on March 21, and we’re so excited about it, we asked the fine folks at Hachette if we could host a read-along for it and they were kind enough to say yes! They’re offering a copy of the book to the first 10 Reagan Arthur Books Challenge participants to sign up!

We’ll post some discussions questions on April 12, 2011 and ask that everyone who receives a book come back to chat.  We plan to keep it informal and hope it will be fun for everyone involved.  Here’s the publisher’s description of the book:

Tracy Waterhouse leads a quiet, ordered life as a retired police detective-a life that takes a surprising turn when she encounters Kelly Cross, a habitual offender, dragging a young child through town. Both appear miserable and better off without each other-or so decides Tracy, in a snap decision that surprises herself as much as Kelly. Suddenly burdened with a small child, Tracy soon learns her parental inexperience is actually the least of her problems, as much larger ones loom for her and her young charge.

Meanwhile, Jackson Brodie, the beloved detective of novels such as Case Histories, is embarking on a different sort of rescue-that of an abused dog. Dog in tow, Jackson is about to learn, along with Tracy, that no good deed goes unpunished.

If you’ve signed up for the Reagan Arthur Book Challenge (remember….it’s not too late to join) and would like a copy of the book so that you can participate, fill out this form.   Anyone can join in the chat, but you must be a member of the challenge to sign up for a book.

I love Kate Atkinson's book and especially the Jackson Brodie series, and I'm pretty sure you will too. If you like to sign up (and receive your free book), click here.


bermudaonion said...

I'm really looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

Darn, I forgot to sign up in time.I would have loved to participate. I look forward to see what everyone thinks of this book. I love Kate Atkinson and will look for this book later in the month.

Marg said...

OH, I have had this out from the library a couple of times (it came out earlier here) but have returned it unread. I might request it again and see if I can read it as part of the readathon.