Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Moving Windows - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Santa's Surprise

Summary: Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are! Join this merry group of children for a fun, nighttime camping adventure under the stars. With just the touch of a button, they can listen to childhood favorite Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star while they participate in the story. Includes an amazing die-cut cover with a moving illustration, button-activated music, playful illustrations throughout, and a grand, full-spread pop-up finale. Grab a sleeping bag--this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite.-- Silver Dolphin

Summary: Teddy, Dolly and all of their friends are getting ready for Santa's arrival. Even as they dance and cheer, they know that Santa's almost here! Help the toys put out milk and cookies in Santa's Surprise, a festive new holiday title from the always fun Moving Windows series. Kick off the season with a ho-ho-ho, starting with this adorable book's amazing cover showcasing an innovative 3-D moving illustration of Santa and his sleigh, flashing holiday lights, and music. With the touch of a button, kids can launch into “Jingle Bells” for a merry Christmas Eve sing-along. The book is a visual treat, with sweet illustrations and a giant pop-up surprise at the end that kids will love. After story time, visions of sugarplums will be dancing in their heads. -- Silver Dolphin

A few months ago, I reviewed a book that my little guy just loved called MOVING WINDOWS: MONSTER MADNESS. I was just thrilled when we found that there are additional books in this series -- there are currently five Moving Windows books available. The two most recent ones that we read together are called MOVING WINDOWS: TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR illustrated by Christiane Ingel and SANTA'S SURPRISE illustrated by Liz Conrad. The novelty of the "moving window" didn't wear off for Booking Son -- he loved these books too.

TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR is very cute book for the young reader. The button on the front cover plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star -- no shock there, but the story did have a little surprise for me. I assumed that the words in the book would be the lyrics of the song; however, after the first two pages, the words were actually a different story. The book tells about a group of children who go camping, and how the stars give them light. The last page is a big pop-up picture of the children and the campground. I especially liked the front cover which has a moving window where the kids actually do a little dance and the stars light up and blink!

SANTA'S SURPRISE was probably Booking Son's favorite although he is like his mom when it comes to holiday books this time of year! The moving window on the cover of this book shows Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky along with flashing lights on a Christmas tree. The song that plays when you push the button is Jingle Bells (in our house, it's the Batman smells version this year.) This book tells the story of Santa and how he gets ready for his big night. It has extremely cute and colorful pictures; and like all the Moving Window books, the last page is a big pop-up picture!

Both books are absolutely adorable and little kids are sure to love them! Thanks to Media Masters Publicity for providing us with a copy of the book.

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bermudaonion said...

The books do sound great! Booking Son loves holiday books because Santa is so handsome!