Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guest Review: 8th Confession

I'd like to welcome Booking Pap Pap back! Today he is reviewing 8TH CONFESSION by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. I am a big fan of this series and can't wait to read this book, especially after his review.

Summary: As San Francisco's most glamorous millionaires mingle at the party of the year, someone is watching--waiting for a chance to take vengeance on Isa and Ethan Bailey, the city's most celebrated couple. Finally, the killer pinpoints the ideal moment, and it's the
perfect murder. Not a trace of evidence is left behind in their glamorous home.

As Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the high-profile murder, someone else is found brutally executed--a preacher with a message of hope for the homeless. His death nearly falls through the cracks, but when reporter Cindy Thomas hears about it, she knows the story could be huge. Probing deeper into the victim's history, she discovers he may not have been quite as saintly as everyone thought.

As the hunt for two criminals tests the limits of the Women's Murder Club, Lindsay sees sparks fly between Cindy and her partner, Detective Rich Conklin. The Women's Murder Club now faces its toughest challenge: will love destroy all that four friends have built? The exhilarating new chapter in the Women's Murder Club series, The 8th Confession serves up a double dose of speed-charged twists and shocking revelations as only James Patterson can. And remember, this is the only Murder Club episode of the year. -- Little, Brown and Company

The 8th Confession by James Patterson and Maxine Pretro engages Patterson’s popular Women’s Murder Club in two murder cases. One involves a homeless preacher and the other is a murder spree on some of San Francisco’s high society. The crime-solving group known as The Women’s Murder Club consists of Lindsay, the cop, Claire, the pathologist, Cindy, the reporter and Yuki, the assistant district attorney. The book is an easy read and shows Patterson’s skills in creating mystery novels.

Lindsay, with her partner Rich Conklin are the lead investigators in the high society murder spree and have offered to work the homeless case on their personal time after Cindy refuses to let the case die. Claire manages to find a significant clue in the autopsy of a socialite couple and Yuki, reeling after a strange ending to a murder case she was prosecuting, is given the unenviable task of prosecuting the homeless preacher case.

Several members of the Club have relationships with men that carry-on during the crime-solving efforts. However, I found that the Lindsay and Cindy relationships with Lindsay’s partner portray these women as very shallow. To me, this is a contradiction to the other qualities the women show in solving the crimes. Additionally, Yuki’s involvement with a doctor takes a strange turn.

The storyline is creative, fast moving and does nothing to harm Patterson’s reputation as one of the great mystery writers. Each murder case brings a bizarre twist that surprises the reader. I recommend this book to anyone who’s enjoy Patterson’s prior books.

A big thanks to Miriam from Hachette for sending an ARC of this book!

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Marie Cloutier said...

I've only read one of Patterson's books but I thought it was fun. This sounds fun too. Thanks for the great review!

bermudaonion said...

I enjoy Patterson's books for a change of pace and hope to get to this one soon. I agree with you that Patterson's story lines are fast moving - they just suck you in.

Yvette Kelly said...

Just my way of letting you know I enjoy reading your reviews.I have nominated your for an award

The Book Resort said...

I just can't get into this series. I am an Alex fan.

Belle said...

I'm up to the 6th one in the series so far. I'll definitely have to play catchup.

Beth F said...

Nice review. I read the first one in this series, but I wasn't hooked. I did like the first Cross book, but that's all the Patterson I've read.

ANovelMenagerie said...

On the comment that the women's relationships were "shallow." I would tend to agree with that. However, it seems that it being part of the Women's Murder Club series that they book may be written slightly towards mystery/chick lit. If that is the case, that style of writing would be expected.

I loved your review.

Here is mine:

Anna said...

I enjoyed your review! I agree with the shallow comment, but to me that's to be expected since Patterson's novels are more about the plot than the characters. I just reviewed this one myself here.

Diary of an Eccentric

Yvonne said...

These are my favorite books ever. I partly agree with the shallow part though. I really wish that Lindsay and Joe would just get maried because Joe is awesome.