Monday, December 29, 2008

Target Bookmarked New Pick

I know I'm not alone in saying how much I adore Target! I think there book section is wonderful and I just love looking at all the beautiful books that they have displayed. They always seem to carry books that really appeal to me.

I was so excited when I opened the Target Bookmarked December Newsletter to see that they selected SHELTER ME by Juliette Fay as their Winter '08 Club Pick. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from Harper Collins First Look Program last month and absolutely adored it -- you can read my review here. I think SHELTER ME is an excellent choice and I strongly recommend this book for a future book club meeting. There really are so many things to discuss!


Anonymous said...

This is going to go on my TBR list!

Jackie said...

Hi,I was blurfing and I wanted to say I loved your blog and aded it to my reader.We seem to have alot in common.I wanted to say hello:)

Anonymous said...

Blurfing? I just learned a new word!

Happy new year!!