Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Review: Common Threads Journals

Summary: First in the Common Threads Journals series, Healing a Life Unraveled provides an instructive model on how to unlock thepain of tragedy through journal writing. Filled with constructive examples, inspirational messages, and plenty of room for writing, this unique shared journal is a powerful tool for healing. -- Storybook Acres Press

Summary: Celebrating the Holidays, part of the Common Threads Journals series, is a creative way to share the rich and meaningful experiences of this special time of year with family and friends. Filled with personal examples, inspirational messages, and plenty of room for writing, this unique journal makes a treasured keepsake or meaningful gift. -- Storybook Acres Press

When I first heard about the Common Threads Journals from author Lisa Dunster Moeller, I thought they sounded like such a unique idea. So I was just thrilled when she sent me copies of HEALING A LIFE UNRAVELED and CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS (she also sent the cutest little Christmas card that suited me to a tee about stressing during the holidays.) These two journals are just beautiful (I love the one of the knitting where the yarn in unraveling) and filled with lots of pages to write your thoughts. I think the concept behind these journals is very special. Ms. Dunster Moeller developed these books with the idea that each journal is intended to have more than one user in its lifetime. After you write your thoughts, feelings, experiences about an event, you pass it along to another person who might be going through something similar -- someone who is connected to you by a "common thread." Her idea is that "the books will bring people together through both joyous and tragic times, creating a journaling scrapbook along the way."

I admit that I was a little leary of writing my thoughts and then passing it along for others to read (especially if I were writing about grief or another life tragedy), but after looking through both of these books, I'm convinced that it is a wonderful idea. The author also explains that it's okay to black out any of your words that you are uncomfortable sharing, so that made me feel better too. In both of these journals, Ms. Dunster Moeller does a great job of explaining how to use them. She also gives tips about what to write as well as how to get started journaling if you don't consider yourself a "journaler." I appreciated that she even gave specific examples from her own journals to show how sharing these thoughts can be beneficial to others.

I am not a person who journals, but I can very much see the benefit of these books. I especially love the idea of the CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS journal. What a beautiful idea for families to document their traditions and hand the book down from generation to generation. I can also see me using it to describe each Christmas -- my kids' letters to Santa, their reactions to the gifts, what I served for dinner, pictures of our family, etc. I know how thrilled I would be to have a book which documented my grandparents' and parents' Christmas traditions, so I think it would truly be a gift to write in these journals and hand them down through the generations.

Ms. Dunster Moeller also has some more journals being released in 2009 -- HAPPILY EVER AFTER and PRESERVING CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. I can only imagine how much a bride and groom would appreciate the HAPPILY EVER AFTER journal as a shower or wedding gift. All of these journals can be purchased here, and the two books that I received are also available on

Make sure you come back tomorrow because Lisa Dunster Moeller will be stopping by with a very special guest post.


Ti said...

Interesting concept. It would appeal to the voyeur in all of us. I don't think I would have a problem passing the journal on unless it included my name as an entry. The thoughts and feelings I'd be okay sharing as long as I was anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I have these journals and love them. I wrote about the difficult process of divorce and it was a wonderful way to help put the thoughts and chaos in order. Recently, a dear friend found herself in the same situation, and I passed the journal long to her. My hope is that reviewing what i shared, what I went through will help her make sense of her thoughts and feelings too. Perhaps it will, or perhaps it will somply give her a place to have those thoughts and feelings. I can NOT wait for the new journals to come out. I think these are great!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. I love hearing that people are making use of the journals and the opportunity they provide to help others!
Ti - Anonymity is very possible with these journals. It's something I suggest in the introductions for people who may want to keep personal matters personal . I hope you'll consider trying one of the journals.