Monday, August 25, 2008

Celestial Seasonings' Adventure at Every Turn Names a New Book

Adventure at Every Turn, A Book Club by Celestial Seasonings, has named their new book. This time it's THE PIRATE'S DAUGHTER by Margaret Cezair-Thompson. I have been dying to read this book since it came out last year in hardcover, and I read all of the wonderful reviews -- it even won the Essence Literary Award in Fiction. In fact, I have been talking it up so much that my book club has been anxiously awaiting the paperback release!

Summary: In 1946, Hollywood’s most famous swashbuckler, Errol Flynn, arrived in Jamaica in a storm-ravaged boat. After a long and celebrated career on the silver screen, Flynn spent the last years of his life on a small island off the Jamaican coast, where he fell in love with the people, the paradisiacal setting, and the privacy, and brought a touch of Tinseltown glamour to the West Indian community.

Based on those years, The Pirate’s Daughter imagines an affair between the aging matinee star and Ida, a beautiful local girl. Flynn’s affections are unpredictable but that doesn’t stop Ida from dreaming of a life with him, especially after the birth of their daughter, May.

Margaret Cezair-Thompson weaves stories of mothers and daughters, fathers and lovers, country and kin, into this compelling, dual-generational coming-of-age tale of two women struggling to find their way in a nation wrestling with its own independence. -- Random House

Once again, Celestial Seasonings is providing lots of help if you want to host your own adventure. They have listed appropriate tea selections, recipes, and decoration ideas to enhance your reading experience or your book club meeting. If you think you might be interested in THE PIRATE'S DAUGHTER, you can read an excerpt here. There are also discussion questions available here.


S. Krishna said...

I've heard about this one but never really known what it was about...sounds really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Julie, I've been eyeing this one, too. If nothing else, the cover alone would make me want to read it ... it's gorgeous!