Sunday, July 13, 2008

Review: The Rabbit and the Snowman

Summary: Lee’s The Rabbit and the Snowman tells the story of a group of small children who build a snowman in a field far away in the forest. They subsequently leave and the snowman is left alone. He is not sure if he has done something wrong for them to disappear. Maybe his carrot nose is too crooked or maybe his stick arms are too skinny. He meets a small rabbit and they become fast friends. When the snowman suddenly disappears as spring arrives, the rabbit is left alone. He also wonders if he has done something wrong. Maybe his ears are too furry or his eyes are too small. The two find each other again and continue their friendship once winter returns again.

Children will love this endearing story and colorful illustrations, while parents will approve of the idea that sometimes friends come and go but that strong relationships can withstand departures and arrivals. Accomplished artist Lee has created a happy, thoughtful book through the use of watercolor and pen and ink illustrations to accompany the text that create this book. Lee also designed the font for the book which further enhances her illustrations and text. It is sure to be a classic and treasured by children of all ages. -- Lee Publishing

THE RABBIT AND THE SNOWMAN, written and illustrated by Sally O. Lee, is an adorable book for young children. When my (almost) 4 year old son saw the book sitting on the counter, he immediately picked it up and wanted me to read it to him. He sat through the entire book and was very interested in the story. The book held his attention and he wasn't interrupting me with lots of questions (that really says a lot because he never stops talking.)

I especially loved the watercolor illustrations! The colors were absolutely beautiful, and the pictures definitely enhanced the story. There were lots of pictures on each page and gave my son a lot to look at while I was reading the book. I thought it was very interesting that Ms. Lee created the font specifically to match the illustrations and text. It is a very whimsical font that was a perfect fit for the story.

When I asked him some questions about the story after we finished reading it, he comprehended the entire story. He was very happy when the snowman "came back" and was friends again with the rabbit. He understood the changing of the seasons and the weather associated with each time of the year. He explained to me that the snowman disappeared and couldn't come back until it snowed again. I asked him what was his favorite part of the book and he answered (very loudly), "All of it!" THE RABBIT AND THE SNOWMAN is definitely a winner in our house!

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Ti said...

What a charming review! My 4-year old would love this. I'm adding it to my list.