Saturday, July 5, 2008


I was recently contacted by Molly Lundquist about a wonderful book club/reading resource called LitLovers. LitLovers is a fairly new website (launched fall of 2007) that is dedicated to book clubs and all readers, young and old. I have visited this website quite a few times in recent weeks, and I have to say that I love it! This website is just filled with tons of goodies including book-specific reading guides, generic discussion questions, LitLover book recommendations, LitLover on-line courses, and even menus and recipes.

Molly, a former teacher, is particularly proud of the site's emphasis on learning and discussion. She feels that "HOW we read is as important as WHAT we read." She's also pleased with the kids' section--tips for starting clubs and leading discussions. I know I enjoyed visiting that particular section to help me with my Mother Daughter Book Club.

I highly recommend taking a look at LitLovers -- I'm pretty confident that you find something that interests you or your book club.


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Hi Julie - I love this site - I've already referred a few people there. :) If you click on the BOOK CLUB link on LitLovers home page, you'll see an interview with my book club, Storie delle Sorelle. Cool huh?

Jason Pfeifer said...


I came across your blog post regarding book clubs. I'm Jason Pfeifer, I'm interested in book clubs and reading and discussing books online. So much so, that some friends and I started an online service called Booksprouts, that allows people to create book clubs, choose books, invite friends, and read and discuss online. We are currently seeking people who might be interested in trying the site out, and giving us feedback on the service. Additionally, we welcome you to blog about the site (good or bad) as a means of sharing feedback. We're really excited to hear what people think, and on how we can improve the site. It's 100% free.


Jason Pfeifer
Community Manager