Thursday, May 1, 2008

Four Things Meme

I'm so excited that I've been tagged by My Friend Amy for a Four Things Meme! This one looks like fun and I shouldn't have to think too much about the answers!

Four Jobs I've Held:
1) Sales Clerk at a Women's Clothing Store -- I didn't ever bring home any money, but I sure had lots of new clothes.
2) Accounting Intern at a Law Firm -- I was fortunate enough to work at a law firm during summers in college. I even got college credits for this job.
3) Database Manager -- I worked for the Federal Government for 13 years in a variety of positions, but this was my last one. I helped design and implement a customer service database -- it sounds a lot more impressive than it really was.
4) Mother -- For the past 8 3/4 years, I've had the best job I could ever ask for -- it's probably the most difficult one, but it's also the most rewarding.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1) The Godfather I -- My all-time favorite movie! What more can I say?
2) The Godfather II -- Love this one too.
3) Beauty and the Beast -- I watch lots of Disney movies with my kids, but this is my favorite. Maybe it's because Belle loves books.
4) It's a Wonderful Life -- what would Christmas be without this one?

Four Places I've Lived:
1) Mt. Vernon, OH -- Born here way back when!
2) State College, PA -- I went to college at Penn State -- go Lions!
3) Fairfax, VA -- My husband and I lived here for 10 years after college.
4) Mechanicsburg, PA -- Where I live now!

Four TV Show I Like:
1) Ugly Betty
2) American Idol -- Addicted!
3) The Office
4) Dancing with the Stars -- I know it's corny!

Four Favorite Foods:
1) Apple Pie -- I guess I'm just an all-American girl!
2) Ice Cream -- Except for chocolate flavors.
3) Filet Mignon
4) Pizza

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1) Italy -- I am dying to visit here!
2) Australia -- Also want to go here.
3) The Beach -- I love to read by the ocean.
4) A Bookstore -- I always love just walking around looking a books.

Tagging 4 People:
1) Lisa at Books on the Brain
2) Stephanie at The Written Word
3) Nicole at Book Escape
4) Anyone else who wants to play!

If you decide to play, please leave a link in the comments section. I'm very interested in reading everyone's answers.


Amy said...

Who is your favorite on Idol this year?

Thanks for playing!

Julie P. said...

My Idol favorite is definitely David Cook. I actually don't like anyone but him! I do think he's the real deal though.