Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kid Konnection: Code-Breaking Activity Adventure

Every weekend, I host Kid Konnection -- a regular weekly feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you a fantastic book for those kids who are interested in coding!

Summary: Unlock ancient puzzles and secrets introduced via supercool codes and ciphers in this companion book to the new Explorer Academy series.

In the first activity book based on the Explorer Academy, kids test their knowledge of ancient codes and ciphers in a series of head-scratching puzzles designed to outwit even the most clever cryptographers. When kids successfully navigate the codes, they are rewarded with a first-class tour of the Academy.

Kids will have a blast, teaming up with the characters from the series and learning firsthand from the world's most renowned scientists, explorers, conservationists, photographers, and journalists. It's a far-flung adventure, too, traveling to historic and majestic locations around the globe. - National Geographic

I know my nephews (and my sister!) had their eyes NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER ACADEMY: CODE-BREAKING ACTIVITY ADVENTURE when I first posted it in a Mailbox Monday post. Like my son, they are huge fans of the National Geographic Kids books and that's with good reason. These books are just incredible -- beautiful photography, fun, and educational!

CODE-BREAKING ACTIVITY ADVENTURE is part of the Explorer Academy series of books and the first activity book. I just love how this book engages middle grade readers. The book begins with a letter from the "Explorer Academy President" welcoming them to the elite Explorer Academy. She goes further to explain that they will be participating in the first challenge -- the annual explorer scavenger hunt. There is a "unique series of missions that will test your codebreaking skills." Sounds fun, right?

As kids solve the puzzles/codes, they will receive a tour of the Academy. Along the way, they can "work with" teams made up of characters from the other Explorer Academy books. These characters include scientists, photographers, conservationists and more that will teach them about creative ways to unscramble encrypted maps and messages.

Over the past ten plus years that I've been reviewing kids' books, I have to admit that CODE BREAKING ACTIVITY ADVENTURE is one of the most unique books I've encountered. I would have enjoyed this book as a kid, and I know my kids would have too. The interactive nature of the book will appeal to the most reluctant of readers, and kids who are already interested in science and decoding will love it too!

This book has a lot going on! There are six different missions as well as an answer key in the back. There is an assortment of puzzles and codes on every page, some of which are challenging and some which seemed rather simple. There are also little side articles which teach kids about coding and problem solving tips.

Overall, CODE BREAKING ACTIVITY ADVENTURE is a fun way to learn problem solving and code-breaking skills. Highly recommended!

Thanks to the Media Masters for providing a review copy of this book.

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bermudaonion said...

The Nat'l Geo kids books are the best! I bet I would have loved this, too since I love puzzles.