Thursday, June 6, 2019

Review: Very Valentine - Take Two!

Summary: Poignant, funny, warm, and red hot, Very Valentine is a wonderful treat for Adriana Trigiani fans—a “delightful” (Boston Globe), “romance-soaked novel” (Marie Claire) from much adored playwright, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, and New York Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker's Wife, All the Stars in the Heavens and The Supreme Macaroni Company. The adventures of an extraordinary and unforgettable woman as she attempts to rescue her family’s struggling shoe business and find love at the same time, Very Valentine sweeps the reader from the streets of Manhattan to the picturesque hills of Italy. Here is yet another novel from the incomparable Trigiani that will steal your heart. -- Harper

I realized last week when I re-read VERY VALENTINE by Adriana Trigiani on my train ride to New York and Book Expo that it's been 10 years since it first came out. That's kind of hard to believe, but I wanted to re-read this novel before the movie comes out. Yes -- you read that right! Very Valentine the movie will be on Lifetime this Saturday (June 8th) at 8:00 pm EST!!!

I looked back at my review of VERY VALENTINE from February 8, 2009; and much of what I said then is still true today. The book definitely stands the test of time, and it's a fantastic coming-of-age story about a late twenty-something woman. I'm not going to rehash my thoughts since they are still relevant... so if you want to learn more, then click through the link above. But suffice it to say that they novel is about family, love, food, wine, Italy, shoes! And it's written like only Adriana can do. What more can you really ask for?

One thing I do want to mention is that VERY VALENTINE would be a perfect book club selection. There is a reading guide with twenty-two questions (that just might be a record), and I promise that there is plenty to discuss. Some of the themes you might explore include family dynamics, aging, finding one's self, sibling rivalries, secrets, traditions and love. Plus, you could totally serve lots of wine and Italian food. It would definitely be a book club meeting for the ages!

Over the last ten years, Adriana has written a lot of books including two more in the Valentine series -- BRAVO, VALENTINE and THE SUPREME MACARONI COMPANY. I have adored all of these books and grown to love these characters, and I'm so excited to see Valentine (and her family and boyfriends) come to life on the screen! And rumor has it that there will be more Valentine books made into movies.  Adriana is one of my very favorite authors (and truth be told, people) in the entire world, and I just love that her books are finally being shared to an even wider audience. It's just so exciting!

Just last week, Kathy (Bermudaonion) and I were lucky enough to visit Adriana over coffee and pastries. Do I even need to say that it was the highlight of Book Expo for us? We talked books, movies, kids, and more as we always do; however, this time Adriana gave us lipstick lessons! She's known for her gorgeous lips and lipstick colors, and she provided much needed help with colors and application methods to Kathy and me. Seriously though, this woman can do anything and everything -- she's amazing! Check out Kathy and me (and Adriana) after our makeup lesson!
I can barely wait until Saturday evening to see Very Valentine at 8:00 pm EST on Lifetime. It's going to be an amazing movie! Make sure you also get a copy of the movie tie-in paperback -- it includes recipes!!!!


Cori said...

I'm so excited that a book I loved 10 yrs ago (how is that possible?!??) is now a movie. I'm so glad you posted about it. Setting my DVR now just in case I don't get the kids to bed quick enough!!!

bermudaonion said...

My book club actually read (and loved) this book a few years ago. I can't wait for the movie on Saturday!