Thursday, April 18, 2019

Review: The Better Sister

Summary: Though Chloe was the younger of the two Taylor sisters, she always seemed to be the one in charge. She was the honor roll student with big dreams and an even bigger work ethic. Nicky—always restless and more than a little reckless—was the opposite of her ambitious little sister. She floated from job to job and man to man, and stayed close to home in Cleveland.

For a while, it seemed that both sisters had found happiness. Chloe earned a scholarship to an Ivy League school and moved to New York City, where she landed a coveted publishing job. Nicky married promising young attorney Adam Macintosh and gave birth to a baby boy they named Ethan. The Taylor sisters became virtual strangers.

Now, more than fifteen years later, their lives are drastically different—and Chloe is married to Adam. When he’s murdered by an intruder at the couple’s East Hampton beach house, Chloe reluctantly allows her teenage stepson’s biological mother—her estranged sister, Nicky—back into her life. But when the police begin to treat Ethan as a suspect in his father’s death, the two sisters are forced to unite . . . and to confront the truth behind family secrets they have tried to bury in the past. -- Harper

I have to say that Alafair Burke is one heck of a writer, and if you haven't read any of her novels, then you are definitely missing out! Her latest novel, THE BETTER SISTER, just might be my favorite one yet. This book is both a domestic novel and a mystery... and it happens to succeed so very well on both levels.

THE BETTER SISTER tells the story of Chloe Taylor, a successful editor, whose husband Adam is found murdered in their East Hampton Beach house. There are a few strange things about this story like Chloe is married to her older sister's ex-husband, bringing up her son Ethan, and has virtually no contact with sister. And there's also the weirdness surrounding the murder. It initially seems like a stranger is responsible; however, Chloe's step-son quickly becomes the main suspect... which brings Chloe's long-lost (and very troubled) sister Nicky to town. Needless to say, these two women are forced together under difficult circumstances -- trying to free the son they both love.

I absolutely loved everything about THE BETTER SISTER! Ms. Burke's writing is stellar (as usual!), and her portrayal of the sisters is so good. The family dynamics between the Chloe, her husband and her son is strong enough to make a great domestic novel, but the murder mystery brings it to the next level. I never really thought Ethan was guilty and I was pretty sure I knew where the story was going, but nope - I ended up being surprised! I definitely loved the twist at the end, and it was executed so well. (I know I keep saying that, but I didn't even feel manipulated... and that happens all too much with surprise endings!)

THE BETTER SISTER is an excellent novel of suspense with fully developed characters and an intriguing mystery. Run (don't walk) and get this novel -- you won't be disappointed!

Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy of this novel.


Carole said...

Off to order this one. Thanks!

bermudaonion said...

I know so many people who love her work and I have no idea why I haven't tried one of her books yet. This sounds like a must read!

Kelly-Belly said...

This one looks good. I also just ordered an audio of The Editor. :)

teacher333 said...

Love this author, and loved this book. Held the suspense to the end!