Monday, September 24, 2018

Review: Lies

Summary: Six days ago, Joe Lynch was a happily married man, a devoted father, and a respected teacher living in a well-to-do London suburb. But that was before he spotted his wife’s car entering a hotel parking garage. Before he saw her in a heated argument with her best friend’s husband. Before Joe confronted the other man in an altercation where he left him for dead, bleeding and unconscious.

Now, Joe’s life is unraveling. His wife has lied to him. Her deception has put their entire family in jeopardy. The man she met at the hotel has vanished. And as the police investigate his disappearance, suspicion falls on Joe.

Unable to trust the woman he loves, Joe finds himself at the mercy of her revelations and deceits, unsure of who or what to believe. All he knows is that her actions have brought someone dangerous into their lives—someone obsessed with her and determined to tear Joe’s world apart.

What if your whole life was based on LIES? -- St. Martin's Press

My advanced readers copy of LIES by T.M. Logan has a cover page prior to the real cover of the novel. It's this cover page that made me pick up this book. It asks, "What if you have the perfect live, the perfect wife, and the perfect child -- then, in one shattering moment, you discover nothing is as it seems. What if your whole life was based on lies?" Doesn't that just sound like a great book of suspense?

Actually, I'm happy to say that LIES lived up to my expectations. It was a fantastic psychological thriller that had me engaged from the very first page. Joe Lynch, a high school teacher, was driving with his young son when he noticed his wife's car entering a hotel parking garage. He thought he would surprise her but he was the one who ended up being surprised when he saw her have a heated discussion with her friend's husband Ben. When Joe confronted Ben in the parking garage, things got physical and Joe ended up leaving him on the ground bleeding from his wounds. When Joe returned to the scene, Ben was gone... and so was Joe's cell phone.

What happens next to Joe is absolutely incredible. Basically, everything Joe thought he knew about his life is proven wrong. Joe begins to doubt his wife and his marriage, and he wonders if everything in his life is based on lies.

As if that's not bad enough, Joe is pretty sure that Ben is still alive and that he's obsessed with his wife.  Joe is convinced that he's being set up by Ben and that Ben won't stop until Joe is in jail for his murder. Can Joe find Ben and prove his innocence before he is railroaded on a murder charge?

I loved LIES! It was a gripping thriller that was very well written. I thought the mystery behind Ben's "murder" was intriguing, and I loved the twist at the end. (I was definitely caught off guard in the very best way!) I also appreciated that this book was more than just a mystery. The author delved into some difficult topics, such as lies, betrayal, adultery, and more; and he was especially good at showing the pain caused by Ben's wife's betrayal.

I would love to go more into the twist and the end of LIES, but I'll just say that I was totally blown away. I had a feeling that the end was going to pack a powerful punch, but I didn't think it would be in this way! Maybe some readers will see it coming or have a few suspicions, but this one sure as heck didn't!

I actually think lies would be a great book club selection. Not only is it an entertaining psychological thriller, but it does explore marriage, infidelity and lies... and how one man comes to terms with all of it. You will, of course, want to discuss these themes, but you also might talk about deceit and trust and even forgiveness.

I loved LIES and highly recommend to fans of psychological thrillers!

I received a copy of this novel at the 2018 Book Expo.

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I got this at Book Expo too. I could use a page turner right about now - hopefully I can pick this up soon.