Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Review: Most Requested Recipes

Summary: Take the guesswork out of cooking with Taste of Home Most Requested Recipes! Each of the 633 dishes in this mouthwatering collection is a Five-Star dish as rated on, won a recipe contest and/or received raves from Taste of Home readers! Whether whipping up a family favorite on a busy weeknight, creating an attention-getting dish for an office potluck, serving crowd-pleasing munchies for a weekend party or a planning a spread for a special occasion, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. After all, these are the foods today’s home cooks serve and share time and again. Each tried-and-true recipe has been tested and approved by the experts in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, offers easy-to-follow instructions and calls for ingredients you likely have on hand! Serve your family nothing but the best! With Most Requested Recipes at your fingertips, it’s never been easier! -- T of H Books

Remember a few weeks ago, when I shared with you my review of TASTE OF HOME 365 DAYS OF COOKIES? I love this cookbook. Well Taste of Home has done it again! Their new cookbook is called TASTE OF HOME MOST REQUESTED RECIPES, and it's fantastic. This giant bound cookbook contains over 600 recipes (633 to be exact!) that have garnered five-star reviews. So basically, this cookbook is a great collection of "best of" recipes!

I'm not going to lie. MOST REQUESTED RECIPES is a little bit overwhelming. I mean that in the best way though. There are so many amazing-sounding recipes that I hardly know where to start... although the editors do make it easier given how they organized the book. It's divided into normal chapters by dish -- Appetizers, Snacks and Beverages, Breakfast & Brunch, Soups & Sandwiches, Side Dishes, Salads & More, Hearty Main Dishes, Casserole Entrees, Slow Cooker Dinners, Breaks & Rolls, Cakes, Pies & Desserts, Cookies & Candies, and Seasonal Specialties. However, the recipes are also noted with helpful hints like 5 Ingredients, Fast Fix, Freeze It, Slow Cooker, and more. That way, I can skim right over the more complex recipes when looking for quick weekday meals!

And what's not to love about the beautiful photos? One of my must-have requirements for cookbooks is color pictures, and MOST REQUESTED RECIPES doesn't disappoint. Of course, there aren't pictures for every recipes (because at 633 recipes, you wouldn't be able to lift the book), but there are hundreds of them. Just looking at this book makes me hungry!

Last but not least, this cookbook has detailed step-by-step instructions that are super user-friendly. It's perfect for cooks at any level, and you know every recipe is tested and approved by the Taste of Home test kitchen. In addition, there are reader reviews which often times give helpful hints like ingredient substitutions and serving suggestions. I especially like that the book is a lay-flat binding so I don't have to balance jars on the pages to keep them open.

TASTE OF HOME MOST REQUESTED RECIPES is amazing -- believe me! Highly recommended for gifts this holiday season, but make sure you pick up one for yourself too!

 Thanks to Dalyn Miller Public Relations for providing a review copy of this cookbook.

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bermudaonion said...

A cookbook with all their best recipes sounds divine! I'll have to add this to my wish list.