Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kid Konnection: Aaron Blabey Books

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you two adorable books from Aaron Blabey!

I was so excited to come home to this package a few days ago:
You can't tell from the picture but this is a pretty big box -- like 11"x11" -- and I had a feeling that it was more than just a book. Lo and behold it was a very fun Blabey Christmas surprise!
It not only had two very cute picture books by Mr. Blabey, but it also had Christmas tree and unicorn cookie cutters and an adorable Christmas ornament of Pig the Pug!

Summary: From the award–winning creator of Pig the Pug comes another laugh–out–loud book, filled with holiday cheer! Santa was coming! 'Twas bigger than big!

No one loves Christmas more than Pig. And the world's greediest pug will stay up all night to get his presents! When Pig yips at Santa and finds himself joining in on the flying sleigh ride, things quickly get out of hand in a way that is pure Pig pandemonium. -- Scholastic

PIG THE ELF is so precious! It's cute and funny and, truly, a great picture book for the holidays! I absolutely loved it.

Pig is a grumpy pug; and in the case of this picture book, a greedy little Pig. He and his friend Trevor and getting ready for Santa, and Pig has a very long wishlist. Trevor decides to go to bed like a good little dog, but Pig wants to say up and catch Santa in the act. Santa arrives and, much to Pig's dismay, he doesn't leave as many gifts as Pig was hoping for. The rest of the story finds Pig riding with Santa on his sleigh, and eventually, returning to earth in a very unique fashion!

This is my first experience with Pig and it won't be the last. Pig is a bad little puppy (and I definitely don't think he sets a good example for little ones), but he's also absolutely hilarious. I honestly laughed out loud while reading this book to myself, so I can only imagine how much fun it would be to share with a little one. The rhyming text is an absolute treat and perfect for read-alongs.

PIG THE ELF is sure to be a new Christmas classic! Highly recommended!

Summary: Thelma is an ordinary pony who wishes with all her heart to be a unicorn. Thelma dreams of being a glamorous unicorn. Then in a rare pink and glitter-filled moment of fate, Thelma's wish comes true.

She rises to instant international stardom, but at an unexpected cost. After a while, Thelma realizes that she was happier as her ordinary, sparkle-free self. So she ditches her horn, scrubs off her sparkles, and returns home, where her best friend is waiting for her with a hug.

rom award-winning author Aaron Blabey comes this joyful book about learning to love who you are...even if you don't have sparkles. -- Scholastic

THELMA THE UNICORN is another fantastic book by the very talented Mr. Blabey! This one is super cute too, but it also has a wonderful message for kids.

THELMA is a pony who wants to be something special -- a unicorn! She dreams about the popularity and glamour that would come with being a unicorn, and then one day, her dreams come true. And then one day, Thelma discovers a carrot that she attaches to her head; and by a strange accident, she ends up covered in pink glitter. Voila -- Thelma is a unicorn!

Thelma becomes an instant unicorn celebrity, but she quickly realizes that being popular isn't exactly what she expected. She has fans following her everywhere, and even worse, she has people who don't like her chasing her around too! Thelma remembers the good old days, when she was Thelma the pony; and she decides to go back home -- back to her true self and back to her best friend.

I adored THELMA THE UNICORN! Thelma is a terrific character and such a sweet one too. I loved the humor in the story, and the illustrations were precious (lots of pink and sparkles!) However, it was the moral of the story that I really loved. As a mom, I felt that the message of loving your true self is so important; and it was so nice that Thelma realized that friendship is more important than popularity.

THELMA THE UNICORN is a great addition to home and school libraries. Another Blabey book that I highly recommend!

Thanks to the publisher for providing review copies of these books. #AVeryBlabeyChristmas

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bermudaonion said...

What a fabulous package to come home to! Both books look good but Pig The Elf looks especially adorable.

Stacie said...

What a fun set of books. I think I'd like Thelma the Unicorn best. Such a good message!