Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kid Konnection: Cute Picture Books!

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you two adorable picture books!

Summary: Reginald’s a T. Rex just as fierce and ferocious as the rest: he’s got a mighty roar, gnashing teeth, and all the speed a dino could need. But when it comes to mealtime, Reg would rather chow down on broccoli, beans, and greens than the juicy steaks his paleo pals prefer. When Reginald realizes how different he is from the others, he hopes to find a place to fit in among the herbivores. He excitedly strikes out in search of a new herd, only to scare away the other dinosaurs as he charges to greet them. But when a falling boulder threatens the safety of Reg’s old T. Rex clan, he’ll show everyone what only a strong, vegetarian Tyrannosaurs rex can do. A celebration of vegetarianism, T. Veg is a rollicking laugh-out-loud tale about being unapologetically yourself. -- Abrams

T. VEG: THE STORY OF A CARROT-CRUNCHING DINOSAUR by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Katherina Manolessou is extremely cute. It's a bright picture book that tells the story of a T. Rex who chooses to be a vegetarian! While other dinosaurs prefer meat, Reginald likes broccoli, greens and carrot cake. It's a cute book that celebrates differences, staying true to one's self, and acceptance!

I thought T. VEG was just precious. I loved the illustrations which were absolutely gorgeous in bright oranges, pinks, greens, and purples; and they fit perfectly with the rhyming text. The entire book had a fun, whimsical feel to it; however, there were also some fantastic messages. Even though Reginald was different than the other T. Rexes and tried to fit in, he realized who he really was and even proved his value to his friends.

The book ends with the cutest page spread which was a celebration of sorts. I especially loved the text:

And then they danced the night away,
Because they KNOW it's true... 
The Best Thing in the World is Being Happy Being YOU!

All in all, T. VEG is a great way to celebrate healthy eating eating as well as diversity` and acceptance!

Summary: The Big Adventures of Tiny House is a story about an old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart – and WHEELS!

Yes, Tiny may be small, but he lives a BIG life. With the help of Big Truck, he travels thousands of miles across America, seeing the sights and attending the Tiny House Jamboree (yes, that’s a real thing – and it’s AWESOME!). Along the way, he and Big Truck make lots of new friends — like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (the houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). And Tiny and his friends were printed on recycled paper at a printer here in the USA!

So come along and get to know Tiny as he explores the country and discovers the true meaning of home. -- Inner Flower Child Books

Tiny houses are all the rage, and now they are front and center in the picture book THE BIG ADVENTURES OF TINY HOUSE by Susan Schaefer Bernardo and illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher. This cute book is about an old farmhouse that turns into a tiny house!

I thought THE BIG ADVENTURES OF TINY HOUSE was extremely fun. The story begins with an old farmhouse that once sat in a field of hay. This farm house gets surrounded by a city, so "clever hands" decided to salvage as much as possible from the farm house and turn it into a tiny house... with wheels!

The picture book shows the new tiny house with all of its nooks and crannies. In addition, the tiny house (because it has wheels!) proves that you can be a home even if you're on the move! This little house visits many places including New Orleans where it sees a parade and Texas where it visits a taqueria. Tiny House even meets some fun friends along the way, and most importantly, realizes that home is wherever your heart is!

The illustrations in THE BIG ADVENTURES OF TINY HOUSE, and there is quite a bit to explore on each page. Even little ones will like to check out pages. Older children will appreciate the clever (and rhyming) text. As a mom, I just thought the entire book was special!

Thanks to the publisher and Get Red PR for providing review copies of these books.

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bermudaonion said...

They both look cute but The Big Adventures of Tiny House really appeals to me because part of me would like to live in a tiny house.

Suko said...

These sound like terrific books! Like Kathy, I am intrigued by the idea of a tiny house. Thank you for hosting this! I've added my link. Have a happy Mother's Day!

Stacie said...

The Tiny House book sounds fun! With that being the new trend it seems very appropriate to have a book about it. I like that the old farmhouse is turned into a tiny it new life!

The Book Sage said...

Great title.