Monday, June 13, 2016

Guest Review: The Survivors

Summary: Successful psychologist Cal Henderson has a busy practice in Washington, DC, good friends, and big plans for the future. But he can’t escape a terrible secret.

When he was a boy, his mother murdered his father and two brothers and severely wounded Cal’s best friend, Scottie Glass. Desperate to keep the nightmare at bay, Cal has turned his back on everything that happened that night.

Then on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the traumatic event, Scottie shows up at Cal’s office—edgy, paranoid, but somehow still the loveable kid he once was. Though their lives have taken very different paths, they both believe Cal’s mother couldn’t have been a murderer. She loved them too much, no matter what dark place she found herself in. They set off to dig up the real story.

In his search for answers he uncovers secrets about his mother’s life involving a defense contractor’s dark dealings, a nominee for U.S. Attorney with a questionable past, and a shady corporate billionaire whose sphere of influence seems to include everyone from the Pentagon on down.

Meanwhile, as Cal gets closer to discovering the truth, recovered memories of his childhood push him into a psychological tailspin. -- Seventh Street Books

I just got back from a week at Disney World and Universal last night, so I am extremely grateful that my dad sent me a review of THE SURVIVORS by Robert Palmer that I could post this morning. I'm pooped and will be playing catchup all day if not all week. THE SURVIVORS sounds like one I would have enjoyed so I'm not quite sure why I passed it along to him! I'm having a few regrets after reading his thoughts:

THE SURVIVORS, A Cal Henderson Novel by Robert Palmer begins with eight year old Davie Oaks witnessing his mother’s apparent suicide outside their home. His mother is also suspected of killing his father and two brothers and seriously wounding his best friend, Scottie Glass. Davie, now known as Cal Henderson, is a very successful psychologist who has suppressed the memory of the incident until Scottie Glass shows up in his office on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the murder.

Scotty is an edgy, obsessive-compulsive character who doesn’t believe that Cal’s mother was a murderer and has spent his entire life digging up information about the murders and the people surrounding the incident. He now wants Cal to join his “investigation”.

Cal is drawn into Scottie’s obsession and both men become entangled in a web of intrigue that reveals Cal’s parents involvement with government contracts, patents, lawsuits and kickbacks that puts both their lives in danger. Cal is also thrust into a personally dangerous situation as the pursuit of the truth reveals more and more of his suppressed memories.

Palmer’s main characters, Cal and Scottie, are deeply flawed and very complex while the supporting characters seem to know and care about Scottie and Cal more than either knows. There’s also the interesting twist of a psychologist seeking personal help from other psychologists.

THE SURVIVORS is filled with intrigue and complex plots that earns it’s designation as a suspense thriller. The question at the end is whether Cal can recover from the impact of recalling the suppressed memories. There is a hint in the sub title, a Cal Henderson Novel, which suggests that Cal Henderson may be a leading character in future novels by Robert palmer. This is a great book for that summer beach vacation.

Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy of this novel and to Booking Pap Pap for his review.

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