Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Some Women

Summary: An engrossing novel that examines the intricacies of marriage, friendship, and the power of unexpected connections…

Annabel Ford has everything under control, devoting her time to her twin boys and keeping her household running smoothly. But when her husband of a decade announces that he’s leaving, she’s blind-sided. And suddenly her world begins to unravel.

Piper Whitley has always done her best to balance it all—raising her daughter Fern by herself while advancing her career as a crime reporter. Only now that she’s finally met the man of her dreams, Fern’s absentee father shows up, throwing everything into a tailspin.

Married to the heir of a thriving media conglomerate, Mackenzie Mead has many reasons to count her blessings. But with an imperious mother-in-law—who’s also her boss—and a husband with whom she can no longer seem to connect, something has to give.

On the surface, these three women may not have much in common, but just when they each need someone to lean on, their lives are thrust together, forming unlikely friendships that help each woman navigate her new reality. -- New American Library

Over the past few years, I've learned that I really enjoy women's fiction. I read a fair amount of different genres, but I always seem to "come home" to stories about women and their friendships. One author whose books have resonated with me is Emily Liebert, and her latest novel SOME WOMEN was no different. This novel about three very different women is both entertaining and touching... and I thought it was a very good read.

Before I get into my review of SOME WOMEN, I wanted to share something really fun about Ms. Liebert and her books -- she has the best promotions! In the past, she's had a line of Zoya nail polishes that represent each character as well as gorgeous fashions designed by Meskita. For SOME WOMEN, she collaborated with Gerard Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to receive three lip glosses, one for each main character in the novel. Can I tell you how much I love these lip glosses? The wands even have a light built in that comes on when you remove it! So cool!

SOME WOMEN tells the story of three women who form an unlikely friendship that helps them get through difficult times. Annabel seemingly has it all -- she's a super mom of twin boys that prides herself on keeping her house and family in order. However, her world is torn apart when her husband announces that he is leaving her and wants a divorce. Annabel never saw it coming!

Then there's Piper. Piper is a single mom who lives with a great guy -- some might say perfect guy. While her organization skills are lacking a bit, she has done a good job in balancing her career as a crime reporter with her parenting. Her life is turned upside down when her daughter's MIA father shows up, and Piper is forced to re-examine her feelings.

Finally, there's Mackenzie, a young and gorgeous wife of an heir to a media fortune. She should have a perfect life, but she has a meddling mother-in-law. As she struggles with fertility issues, she and her husband seem to grow further and further apart.

Annabel, Piper and Mackenzie form a valuable friendship that becomes essential when they each have turmoil strike their lives. Even though these women don't really have all that much in common, they find that their new friendship provides a life-line when they need it the most. I love books that show the strength of women and their friendships, and SOME WOMEN had that in spades.

Once again, I was very impressed with Ms. Liebert's main characters. I found all three of them to be very likable, and I thought she did a great job in making them realistic to the reader. Naturally, I could relate to Annabel the most because she was a stay-at-home mom. In fact, the scene at the beginning of the book where's she's obsessing over everything did remind me a bit of myself and my family. It was a bit of a wake-up call when just a few pages later, her husband left!

I read SOME WOMEN fairly quickly for me these days, and I do think that's a testament to how compelling I found these women's lives. I liked seeing how their "surprises" affected their lives and how they coped with them, both individually and with the help of their friends. In addition, I was satisfied with the end of the novel. Overall, it was a happy one but it wasn't perfect... and that seemed to fit these characters just fine.

SOME WOMEN would definitely make a good book club selection if you're looking for a lighter read that also touches upon some relevant issues. There is a reading guide on the author's website with ten discussion questions. Some of the themes you might want to explore include friendship, marriage, motherhood, infertility, trust, forgiveness, responsibility, choices, career, and romance.

I am a big fan of Ms. Liebert's and I thought SOME WOMEN was an entertaining read. Recommended to fans of women's fiction.

Thanks to the publisher and Goldberg McDuffie Communications for providing a review copy of this novel.


bermudaonion said...

I love lighter reads that touch on relevant issues, especially in the summer. This sounds terrific!

Karlie said...

This seems to be my favorite genre too. And the cover is this novel is gorgeous!