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Kid Konnection: Fall Books from Dawn Publications

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you a couple of picture books that were released in the fall from Dawn Publications -- I'm a little late to the game.

Summary: Honey is a sweet gift from nature—ALL of nature, actually. Honey is linked in a very real way to dandelions, earthworms, mushrooms, the old oak tree and even the blue jays squawking in its branches. Take another look at honey. If you love nature’s honey, you are sure to love nature too. How sweet it is! The author fell in love with bees as an amateur beekeeper, and then learned to appreciate flowering plants—even ones she once considered weeds – as an important nectar source. And then she realized how the plants were connected to insects and soil. A simple but accurate diagram in the back matter explains how bees make honey and also pollinate plants, as well as the role of beneficial insects and decomposers. Also presented are activities and a recipe for children. -- Dawn Publications

I'm a big fan of Dawn Publications picture books! IF YOU LOVE HONEY: NATURE'S CONNECTIONS by Martha Sullivan and illustrated by Cathy Morrison epitomizes what I love about their books -- they are educational and fun. In IF YOU LOVE HONEY, readers learn how honey is connected to all sorts of things in nature.

IF YOU LOVE HONEY begins, "If you love honey, Then you must love honey bees." It then explains how honey bees help make honey. The next page of the book says, "If you love honey bees, It's no wonder you love dandelions." There is a description of how honey bees use the nectar from dandelions to make their honey. The book continues like this, showing the ways that nature is interconnected, until it comes full circle back to honey!

I think IF YOU LOVE HONEY is adorable. The illustrations are beautiful and I love that each and every page of this book teaches children about the relationship of bees with the environment. In addition, there are pages at the back of the book which go into even more detail about the science of the story and some fun activity suggestions.

As is the case with all books by Dawn Publications, IF YOU LOVE HONEY is perfect for the classroom. There is even a link to additional activities that educators can use while teaching from this book.

Highly recommended!

Summary: Below your feet, Mighty Mole is on the move. Like a swimmer in dirt, she strokes through the soil. Her tunnels are everywhere! She finds food, eludes a predator, has a family, and helps to make Super Soil. Moles live almost everywhere yet are rarely seen. Similarly, soil is a largely invisible ecosystem and yet is vital to the health of the world. Following the story, two “Explore More for Kids” pages offer a matching challenge and a review of some of the remarkable traits that make moles “mighty.” Two additional pages of “Explore More for Teachers and Parents” offers activities in visual and language arts, science, technology, and math. -- Dawn Publications

MIGHTY MOLE AND SUPER SOIL by Mary Quattlebaum and illustrated by Chad Wallace is another great book for budding animal lovers. In MIGHTY MOLE AND SUPER SOIL, kids will learn about the elusive mole. In addition, the will discover the underground world of soil and its importance as an ecosystem.

I enjoyed the story in MIGHTY MOLE AND SUPER SOIL, and I thought the illustrations were terrific. The moles almost look cute (I can't believe I'm saying that) and the other animals in the story are gorgeous and sometimes a little intimidating! I admit to knowing pretty much nothing about these animals, so I was definitely interested in their fascinating lives and I learned quite a bit!

One of my favorite things about MIGHTY MOLE AND SUPER SOIL are the last few pages of the book where the author provides additional information about soil and the underground community. In addition, the tidbits about moles' super powers are extremely interesting. I like that the super power section is almost a game where readers are challenged to go back to the story and get the answers. Make sure you check out the activities page for more information about moles and soil!

Definitely recommended for teachers, librarians, and families who are interesting in animals and nature!

Thanks to the publisher for providing review copies of these books.

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