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Kid Konnection: Animal Planet Animals

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share with you a fun and educational book for animal lovers.

Summary: Discover the many ways animals are surprisingly human!

Meet more than 2,500 amazing animals in this comprehensive, family-fun, global reference guide from Animal Planet--your source for all things animals. Get up close and personal with the diverse species that share our world and discover the many ways animals are just like us!

Animal Planet Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia profiles the seven major animal classes--mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, and other invertebrates--and features more than 1,000 stunning color photographs of animals in action. A giant removable poster showcases record-breaking animal kingdom facts and Animal Planet L!VE bonus videos transport readers from the book page directly to animals in their natural habitats around the world. Additional book features include a comprehensive glossary, index, and study resources for extended learning in geography, climate change, biology, and ecosystems, plus Animal Planet's R.O.A.R (Reach Out. Act. Respond.) facts throughout discuss conservation and animal rescue efforts.

Highly accessible for both curl-up reading and dip-in reference needs, care has been taken to offer animal lovers less work and more wow by weaving the taxonomic and biological information throughout the individual sections rather than putting it all up front. Specialist authors and life science experts provide the most up-to-date view of the animal kingdom, making it an ideal homework helper and a crucial family reference for the school years and beyond.

A beautiful gift for any animal lover, a portion of proceeds benefits R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.), Animal Planet's project dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild. -- Time Inc. Books

I am super excited to share ANIMAL PLANET ANIMALS: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA with you. I think this book is absolutely amazing, and I know kids who are interested in animals are going to love this book. ANIMALS is a huge book -- over 300 pages -- chock full of gorgeous color photographs and interesting facts about animals. It even includes a full-color pull-out poster of Animal Kingdom Record Breakers!

ANIMALS reminds me of books from my youth. I used to love taking encyclopedias and reading and/or skimming through them... especially the ones that were geared towards kids. And this book is perfect for both in-depth research and skimming. It seems like true encyclopedias are a thing of the past; however, ANIMALS has is an ideal reference book that should be included in every library (even home ones) as well as classrooms!

ANIMALS has information on over 2500 animals! Seriously -- 2500! That's a lot of information. As if that's not reason enough to check out this book, ANIMALS also has over 1000 beautiful color photographs of these animals. Quite honestly, it's hard to stop looking at this book once you pick it up. It's just gorgeous!

ANIMALS is divided into eight chapters -- The Animal Kingdom, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Anthropods, and Other Invertebrates. Within in each chapter, there is specific information about the overall classification as well as detailed information about various animals.  Some of the details provided include the size, habitat, and food. In addition, ANIMALS has Homework Helper sections which include taxonomy, maps, anatomical charts and more; and it also has QR Codes where readers can link to Animal Planet L!VE videos! How cool is that?

Needless to say, ANIMALS is a great resource and very educational. However, it's also fun. There are "Fun Fact" icons that highlight interesting and unique animal facts and as well as Animal Antics sections that how amazing animal behavior. I especially appreciated that ANIMALS focuses on conservation and animal rescue efforts. A portion of the book sales even benefit Animal Planet's R.O.A.R. project and other animal charities.

Overall, ANIMALS is a fantastic resource for learning more about animals and how they fit into our world. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Media Masters Publicity for providing a review copy of this book.

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