Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kid Konnection: Fun Mom & Dad Books

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week, I'm going to share with you two cute picture books that are a perfect way to celebrate both Mother's and Father's Day!

Summary: In this adorable kid’s-eye view of what would happen if Mom went to school, a little girl imagines Mom School, where all moms learn their amazing skills, like fixing a bike tire and baking cupcakes. With warm, funny illustrations and a fun role-reversal story in which moms act like kids, young readers will love imagining what would happen if their own moms went to Mom School. -- Doubleday

MOM SCHOOL by Rebecca Van Slyke and illustrated by Priscilla Burris is just an adorable book that celebrates moms! MOM SCHOOL tells one little girl's ideas of what her mom might have learned when she went to school.

Of course, moms learn to do such things as go grocery shopping without losing any kids, read stories, tuck kids into bed at night, and go on scary rides at the fair. In addition, she probably learned how to pitch slowly, make cupcakes, and why vegetables are important -- although the little girl wished she'd been absent on that day! She concludes that her mom was the best student at Mom School!

I really liked both the story and the illustrations in MOM SCHOOL. The pictures are both fun and entertaining, and I loved the use of the assorted colors. In fact, I think the illustrations were the perfect complement to this sweet story.

MOM SCHOOL is absolutely adorable and the ideal book to celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day holiday. It's also a sweet reminder to both moms and kids alike that being a good mom is the best job in the world!

Summary: Do you ever hear strange noises in your house? (The bathroom in particular.) Are hairy creatures raiding the fridge at midnight? Does some animal keep leaving the toilet seat up? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Join one little girl on her quest to catch the wild beasts in her home that HONK and ROAR and BELCH at all hours. Or... could it just be Daddy? This hilarious (and yet heartwarming) salute to real daddies everywhere is crafted with contemporary parents in mind and will have readers laughing out loud as they recognize and relish many familiar family moments that most books for children leave out! -- Little Brown

DADDY SAT ON A DUCK by Scott M. Cohn is a book that celebrate fathers -- albeit in an unusual way! You can probably imagine what this book is about based on the title, but the author assures readers that "contests are 100% humane, hilarious, and odor-free!

DADDY SAT ON A DUCK is a book that my son would have loved as a little guy. For some reason, Booking Son has always appreciated potty humor; and I'm told that's not unusual for little boys! This very cute picture book tells how one little girl discovers the variety of animal sounds that come from their house like a quack, a roar, and braaahhh. She also finds some other clues that indicate an animal lives there like smells, pieces of hair, and more.

As the little girl begins to investigate, she discovers that the wild animals living in her house might not be so wild after all. They might just be her daddy She quickly realizes that it's kind of fun to live with animals especially when a furry bear can tuck her in at night!

I thought DADDY SAT ON A DUCK was a very fun book. The story is rather funny and the illustrations are adorable. I loved the pictures of the family and the animals, and I even thought how the author drew the details of the house were interesting.

DADDY SAT ON A DUCK is a cute way to celebrate dads... even if it celebrates some of the more "wild" things about them. I can pretty much guarantee a few giggles will occur when reading this book, and that's probably because more than a few readers will relate. Recommended for families whose dads like to live a bit on the "wild" side.

Thanks to the publisher for providing review copies of these books.

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Stacie said...

Mom School would be a great book for storytime. Imagine if there really was a mom school! I'm pretty sure I'd fail a few classes! Dad Sat on a Duck would be a great way to get dad involved in reading books to the kids!

bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh, both of these books look adorable! And, yes most boys do love potty humor!