Friday, December 19, 2014

Review: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I know! I know! There is absolutely no way I can make this review book-related! I guess it falls under the "occasionally some other things" part of this blog.

I have to admit that I haven't really been reading all that much this past week. Things are pretty crazy in our house with the upcoming Christmas holiday. In fact, we are hosting a BIG party tomorrow and that's just the start of our entertaining. We will be hosting company for dinner on the 23rd, a brunch on the 24th, and then dinner again on Christmas Eve.

So in preparation for all of that, I've been cooking and cleaning... a lot. I clean every Thursday and Friday, but I want things extra-special for the next few days if you get my drift. That's why I so eagerly accepted a sample of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - Extra Power. After I saw all of the uses for this product, I was a bit blown away. And I wanted to see if they really worked as promised.

All I can say is "wow!" These magic erasers are fantastic. I used them in a variety of ways, but my favorite was getting the scum out of the kids' sinks and tub! All you need to do is add water to the magic eraser and scrub. No harsh chemicals are necessary. Of course, you should test the magic erasers on a small surface before the entire area.

Holidays are actually the perfect time of the year to use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Actress, singer, songwriter and founder of The Real Girl’s Kitchen, Haylie Duff, is sharing some of her top holiday tips for cooking, cleaning and entertaining using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power:

I love cooking for the holidays with recipes from The Real Girl’s Kitchen! For cleanup, I use my favorite kitchen accessory: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power! It makes cleaning cookie sheets, pie pans and a million other tough jobs so much easier! 

For a festive place setting, use Sharpies on glass or ceramic tiles. Wipe away with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and you can use the tiles over and over again! 

Tackle sticky drink spills on floors and baseboard days after a holiday party with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I have no doubt after Saturday's party, I will find many more cleaning uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! One thing I already know that I will be doing is using my magic erasers to get that sticky price tag residue off of packages. I just hate using my fingernails and I still never get all of it off!

After you try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, you can add to the #MrCleanMillion uses by sharing your Magic Eraser tips on Twitter with @MrClean. For more helpful uses, check out for some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser inspiration.

Thanks to Citizen for providing a sample for review of this product.


bermudaonion said...

I discovered Magic Erasers right after they came out and use them all the time, at home and at the store. They're fantastic!

Beth Hoffman said...

I love Magic Erasers!

Suko said...

I tried these once, but wasn't really sure how to best use them! Is there a special way to use them?

Beth F said...
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Julie P. said...

Suko - Try the link in my post for some creative uses. All you have to do is add water and wipe/scrub.

Beth F said...

Oops, wrong post ... I have friends who swear by these erasers! I guess I should try them.

Suko said...

Thanks, Julie! I will try your link. :)