Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kid Konnection: Craft Mania

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week, I'm going to share with you two fun craft books that are perfect for elementary age kids!

Summary: Part craft book, part activity book, Rubber Band Mania offers hours of creative fun for boys and girls of all ages!

Now you can make more than just a simple bracelet! This book is packed with ways to use rubber bands to make bracelets, belts, desk organizers, toys, musical instruments, art projects, and much more. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about rubber bands. -- Reader's Digest

Summary: Part craft book, part activity book, Duct Tape Mania! offers hours of creative fun for boys and girls of all ages!

This book is packed with ways to create all kinds of accessories, jewelry, bags, decorations, fix-its, and more with little more than a roll of tape. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about the amazing duct tape. -- Reader's Digest

I know it's the start of the school year for many kids and they have a lot less free time than during the summer, but I wanted to feature two very cool craft books -- RUBBER BAND MANIA and DUCT TAPE MANIA by Amanda Formaro. I'm a firm believer in kids having fun while demonstrating their creative side, and these two books have loads of activities for boys and girls.

RUBBER BAND MANIA features almost 50 craft ideas made with rubber bands. Now if you're like me, you probably think this book is all about those rubber band bracelets which were all the rage last year. And truth be told, this book does have some of those bracelet patterns included. However, it is so much more than just jewelry. 

The book is divided into the following sections: Stuff to Wear, Stuff for Home, Stuff that Goes, Stuff to Create, Stuff to Play, and Stuff to Try. Naturally the Stuff to Wear section include many bracelet patterns, but it also has patterns for a necklace, ring, earrings, and even a chain belt. (see photo below)
I was definitely impressed with how unique the patterns were. There are many home decorating ideas including a pencil can and a trading card organizer. There are also lots of fun toys to make including (my favorite) a Cup Rocket Launcher. (see photo below), a Bobby Pin Launcher, and a Rubber Band Powered Boat. There are even some cute crafts you can make including Dyed Eggs, Glitter Art, and Easy Tie-Die Designs.
DUCT TAPE MANIA is just as terrific as RUBBER BAND MANIA. My daughter has crafted some very cute things with duct tape, and I love how you can jazz up almost anything with a little duct tape. Duct tape sure has come a long way than just a silver or black multi-purpose adhesive!

DUCT TAPE MANIA has about 40 patterns and is divided into the following chapters: Stuff to Wear, Stuff to Carry, Stuff for Your Room, Stuff for School, Stuff for Fun, and Extra Stuff. There are so many cute ideas in this book that I had a hard time picking out my favorite projects.

Since it's back-to-school time, I decided to take a peek at the Stuff for School section. These patterns include Desk Organizers, Book Jackets, Personalized Pencils (and Pens!), Pencil Toppers, Clipboard, and even Bookmarks. I like that kids can decorate the things they need for school and make them unique!

There is all a fun section on things kids can make for their bedroom. The banner (which I also think could decorate a locker) and the lamp shade are two fun ones. (see photo below)

All of the instructions in both books have full page color photographs and simple step-by step instructions that will definitely appeal to children. In addition, there are fun facts thrown in as well as little hints to make things easier!

I just love RUBBER BAND MANIA and DUCT TAPE MANIA, and I think most kids will agree. There are so many wonderful craft ideas that are sure to keep your kids entertaining. Highly recommended!

Thanks to FSB Associates for providing review copies of these books.

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These both sound like books my kids would love!

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