Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kid Konnection: You Are (Not) Small

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week, I'm going to share with you a cute picture book about perspective.

Summary: Two fuzzy creatures can't agree on who is small and who is big, until a couple of surprise guests show up, settling it once and for all!

The simple text of Anna Kang and bold illustrations of New Yorker cartoonist Christopher Weyant tell an original and very funny story about size—it all depends on who's standing next to you. -- Two Lions

YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant is a sweet picture book with an important message! This book pits two furry, yet different-sized animals against each other. The big creature tells the little one that he is small. The small creature comes back by telling him that he's not small -- it's just that "you" are big.  The two argue with each other and even bring backup reinforcement to make their point. Finally, a few creatures come along and settle the disagreement for these two!

I thought YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL is a cute book with an important message about perspective. Naturally, kids (and even some adults) think they are normal and base all of their opinions on their own perspective of things. This picture book points out that their opinions aren't always absolute and that it's important to respect other people's (or creature's) opinions.

This book is geared towards a relatively young audience -- maybe 2-5? There are a few words per page so it will keep the attention of little ones who are reluctant to sit through a long picture book. However, the message is an important one for kids who are a little older and have more interactions with playmates and schoolmates.

One thing that made YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL work for me was the adorable illustrations. I loved the creatures in this book and I couldn't help but smile and their persistence. Of course, I loved the expressions on their faces and even the finger pointing!

YOU ARE (NOT) SMALL is a fun book that also has a great message. Highly recommended to preschoolers and very early elementary age kids!

Thanks to Blue Slip Media for providing a review copy of this book.

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Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

I LOVE books like this with good messages. This one sounds precious.

Anna Kang Weyant said...
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ChrisWeyant said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our book! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you liked the message. It will be available starting August 5th! Best, Anna Kang & Christopher Weyant

bermudaonion said...

That looks adorable!!