Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Glider Gloves

Because I know many of you have already started your holiday shopping, I wanted to share with you a great gift idea...


I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Glider Gloves in the mail a few weeks ago, and I was waiting for just the right time to try them out. I walk and/or run almost every day, but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating for a test trial of gloves. Well last week, it finally got cold enough and I required a pair of gloves for my morning walk.

I really like my Glider Gloves and they are perfect for my outdoor walks since I need to access my iPhone to check my emails and access my audio books. I received the Urban Style in Black ($24.99) which is the lighter weight option of glove. They also have a Winter Style option ($29.99) which is probably better if you live in a colder climate or plan on wearing them for longer periods of time.

Glider Gloves not only keep your hands warm, but they also allow you to use your touchscreen devices. They are made of a special conductive fabric woven into the liner that provides a touch response along all ten fingers and the palm -- not just the fingertips like so many other gloves on the market. That means you can even use your knuckle in a pinch to answer your phone!

In addition, they have an anti-slip grip as well as a tag on the inside that can be used to clean your screen -- how smart is that? Since I do like to coordinate my workout outfits, I appreciate that Glider Gloves come in a variety of colors including grey, pink, teal, and blue.

I think GLIDER GLOVES make a great gift for anyone who uses their touchscreen devices in the winter. And honestly, who do you know who isn't glued to a device of some sort? The gloves are very reasonably priced and shipping is free for most products. Questions? Check out their FAQs here.

And here's the best part... You can save $3 on a pair of gloves by just using the promo code: 3offGGpromo106515.


Beth F said...

I own a pair of these gloves and they are great for when I'm walking -- makes using my phone so easy.

bermudaonion said...

I have 2 pairs of touchscreen gloves - one like this and the other where the conductive fabric is only in the fingertip. I find that I only wear this kind. I love that these have a anti-slip grip as well!