Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Made from Earth Products

About Made from Earth: It has been our honor to work with the best eco-friendly, environmentaly concious and recognized people in the health and beauty industry. Our company is based on the same healthy values from the day we started: excellent customer service for high quality and healthy ingredients. It is our objective to continue to grow by providing exciting new formulas and treatments to serve our healthy family.

Our line of organic skincare essentials contain the highest possible levels of certified organic ingredients and fruits. We have searched the entire USA for ingredients that meet our earth-friendly requirements and are hand-selected to provide you with exceptional skincare. You will find our ingredients listed prominently on our products and throughout this website. No catchy phrases or deceptive marketing – our ingredients speak for themselves. -- website

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Made from Earth, an organic holistic skincare care company; and they wanted to see if I was interesting in trying a few of their products. Normally, I only review books and book-related products; however, I couldn't pass up this offer. (I guess you could say that this falls under the "occasionally other things" part of my blog's description.) I absolutely adore skincare "products" and I'm always trying out new ones, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to learn about Made from Earth products.

I immediately went to their website to learn a little bit about the company and their products, and I was extremely impressed. Not only is the site very attractive (and organized), but this company does things the right way. They use certified organic ingredients without adding harmful chemical preservatives (unlike some other companies who claim they are organic but end up adding toxins to their products.) They also use only cruelty-free products in their manufacturing process. In addition, their line of products seemed to have something for everyone. I had no idea were to start, so I just requested some sort of anti-aging product. I am in my early 40s and I think my age is really beginning to show!

Much to my surprise (and excitement), a big box of Made from Earth products arrived a few days later -- check out the picture above to see all of the goodies. I think it's fair to say that I received not only some anti-aging products, but also some overall body care, hair and bath products, and lip balms. Here's the run down on my goodies:
I have been using all of these products for a few weeks now and I am thrilled with them. I have major skin allergies, and I am allergic to so many soaps, cleansers and lotions so I am always a little hesitant to start a new regimen. I am so happy to say that I haven't had issues with any of the twelve products that I have been regularly using. These products aren't only high-quality, but they are extremely gentle.

I can't really say what product is my very favorite since I seem to change my mind on a daily basis. I do love the soaps -- they smell amazing, and the lip balms stay on for a very long time. However, I think the skin care products are my favorites. In fact, there are a few more I'd like to try including some of their cleansers and moisturizers. Right now, I'm absolutely loving the serums (they make my skin glow!) and the Olive Night Cream.

As far as prices go, I think Made from Earth is more than competitive.. especially when you consider what you're getting. Many of the products that I've tried are pretty concentrated and a little goes a long way. It is recommended that you only use some of the scrubs/exfoliators two or three times a week, so one bottle/jar will last for a pretty long time. Made from Earth also offers packaged product sets that are discounted as well as trial sizes/travel sets.

I honestly love Made from Earth products and I look forward to being a regular customer in the future!


bermudaonion said...

These products sound wonderful! If you think you're starting to show your age, you should see me!!

Beth Hoffman said...

I have sensitive skin too, and after reading your review of these products, I have to say that I'm quite interested in trying their Grapefruit Glycolic Cleanser and Citrus Fresh Lip Balm.

Happy Sunday, Julie!

cindysloveofbooks said...

Julie, this is a great post that I will have to look into. I recently went for a facial and discovered some skin issues I was having. So trying to find some healthy products that won't bother my skin is very important to me.

Serena said...

Sounds like you've found some excellent products. I have sensitive skin too, and its particularly dry in winter.