Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Bien Fait Specialty Cakes

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the cakemaster at Bien Fait Specialty Cakes in Greensboro, Vermont. She asked if I was interested in sampling some of their "preservative free, fresh, tasty treats." Of course, I jumped at the chance. A short time later, I received a box full of goodies including a small loaves of Apple Cider Cake, Cranberry Almond Teacake, and Bourbon Fruitcake. In addition, I received a large loaf of a Maple Pecan Teacake.

I probably don't have to even tell you how delicious these cakes were. It was immediately apparent to me that these cakes were made with fresh ingredients -- not preservatives -- because they didn't taste "fake." (For those of you who bake, I think you know what I mean.) All of the cakes were chock full of nuts and candies and they were also quite pretty. In addition, the cakes will last for weeks in your refrigerator and even longer in the freezer.

The taste of these cakes is the most important aspect to me, but I also wanted to mention some other wonderful things about Bien Fait Cakes. First of all, they try to use as many local ingredients as possible including maple syrup from a mile down the road, fresh organic eggs from a farm three miles away, butter from a creamery less than 10 miles away, flour from a nearby mill, and cranberries picked a few miles from the bakery. They also package their products very nicely with handwritten notes and cards with the ingredients listed. Each cake was wrapped in tissue paper too!

Bien Fait Cakes are true artisan bakers. They aren't mass producing their cakes and all of their products are preservative free. And if that's not enough to convince you, they donate 100% of their profits to benefit social and cultural enrichment programming at Wonder & Wisdom Inc. Wonder & Wisdom is a nonprofit organization devoted to life-long learning through imaginative programming for people of all ages. I can't tell you how impressed I am with this company!

While I loved the samples I received, I couldn't help but look through the catalog to see what else is available. Needless to say, there are many other cakes that are also very appealing. Bien Fait is known for their fruitcakes (Brandied Fruitcake and Bourbon Fruitcake), but I have to tell you that the Amaretto Nutcake and the Lemon Berry Teacake sound fabulous. There is also a Sugar Free Cake for those of you who like to stay away from refined sugar and spirits. In addition, there is a variety of dessert bars and Vermont specialties available.

I am so happy that I "discovered" Bien Fait Specialty Cakes and I highly suggest taking a look at their website. Make sure you check out the Taster's Club!


bermudaonion said...

That sounds like a wonderful business to support! The Lemon Berry Teacake sounds like something I'd love.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Wow, I love the title of "cakemaster"!

Ann Summerville said...

Thanks for the info. I'll take a look.

Beth F said...

Great to know -- I often send food gifts, and love having a new source.